Praise the name of the Lord both from now and forever, Amen.

Today, I want to discuss something very powerful and yet very essential, that must never be neglected at any point in Time.


What is Televangelism?

Televangelism simply means, avenues and act of running Programs, Events on the Television which is meant to evangelize and promote the kingdom of God.

Thus, bringing multitude to Christ and expanding the kingdom of God, Televangelism is very good and very important, because it ultimately grants us access to places where we might never be able to get to on our own in the missions of the kingdom, there are many parts of the world, where Jesus as never be preached to the People, they have never heard about the kingdom of God, nor given their lives to Christ, and expanding the kingdom of God is money driven, it cost some money to do it effectively, so Television grants us the ability and opportunity to take the Kingdom to many far places across the world, where the Gospel as never been heard, thus, making multitude to hear about Jesus and bringing Light to them.

It’s Important that Ministers of the Gospel know that we need to give some attention to Televangelism.

The power of God is most often times communicated via the word of God, so we have a responsibility to preach the word of God to the whole world and televangelism helps and enable us to get this done.

I have been previlege to learn so many spiritual things, by downloading sermons and teachings on Youtube, social media is facilitating Televangelism today, the truth is, i might not be previlege to see or meet some of this great servants of God to be under their ministration directly, but the good thing is, their sermons are uploaded online, and i can access and be bless too.

The Bible says “Faith comes by Hearing, and hearing the word of God Romans 10:17 “.

So people needs to hear the word, for them to have Faith to believe and receive God, and our nations and generation can become  a better place.

Now, I am going to share few instances, where Televangelism as deliver great impact and supernatural turnaround in the lives of people;


There was a time when Bishop T.D Jakes was ministering in the Night, and a prominent Motivational Speaker, in person of Fela Durotoye was listening and watching the ministration of Bishop Jakes, on the T.V in Nigeria; it was night of his 40th Birthday and for no reason, he told his wife “Tara-durotoye” to pack her loads and get out of his house (Divorce) for no reason, fortunately, the wife was outside crying, and it was raining at the same time, as Fela Durotoye kept watching Bishop Jakes, The man of God prophecy and said, “Someone is watching me via the T.V right now and you are from a family, where they divorce wife on the night of their 40th Birthday and you are about divorcing your own wife too, but the lord is delivering you right now“.

This Word entered into Fela Durotoye, and as if, he gained back his Senses, he called back his wife in, and that marriage was restored that same night.

This could have been the end of it all, but God stepped in, because, Televangelism was incorporated into the ministry of T.D Jakes, and the word of God is Quick and Powerful, so the word of God found the problem, and brought about a restoration, to God be the Glory!

Here is another powerful Testimony;

A servant of God from Africa in Nigeria, in person of Apostle Johnson Suleman was ministering form their church in Auchi, and the ministration was displayed live on their church T.V (Celebration T.V) and many people were watching all over the world, but suddenly as the oracle of God was praying and worshiping God, he began to prophecy and he said;

Someone is watching e from Kaduna right now, your wife is blind and she is in the room, touch the screen of the T.V and go touch your wife with the hand and she will receive her sight, as the Lord will confirm the word of his servant, this man hearken to the word and touched the wife eyes, and to the Glory of God, her sight were miraculously recovered on the spot, he had to call the church number to testify to the goodness of God“.

He wouldn’t have been able to receive that Miracle, if not for Televangelism, using all available Media medium to preach the Gospel and reach out to the people with he word of God is so important and so vital.

In the Realm of the Spirit, there is no barrier, there are various medium by which, we can receive from God, we can receive even by watching Online, as long as we have a longing heart, and the word of God is been preached with power, there is bound to be great manifestation of God both live and in all viewing centers.

Churches like Winners Chapel, Christ Embassy, Deeper Life, Redeemed Christian Church, does a lot of livestreaming and televangelism to propagate the gospel and reach out to various places with the goodnews of the Kingdom.

Last year, I listened to Joyce Meyer on the T.V when she said, people are watching her Ministration all over the world right now, and even in Nations where she might never get to, till she leaves the Earth, this is amazing!

This is another avenue through which, we enact a trans-generational impact, leaving a landmark that will speak forever, having a Success that will outran the Successor, this is what Technology as granted our generation, so i believe in as much as Expanding the Kingdom of God is our true desire, then Televangelism is a good way to get that done.

Recently this year, a Renowned Gospel Music Minister, Nathaniel Bassey, led a one Hour Hallellujah Challenge on Instagram, where various thousands of people, connect live in the midnight just to worship the name of the Lord, and it went viral, as many people across the various nations of the world, connect with this great Worship Session and had various testimonies.

The power of God is communicated via the word of God, and in the realm of the Spirit, there is no distance barrier, you can pray in Nigeria for someone in United State and the power of God will touch them there.

Fear is the Opposite of Faith, Fear is a weapon of Great Advantage in the hand of the enemy, and the way out of Fear is FAITH, however, Faith needs the word of God for it to fully be in Motion.

The more we get the world of God across to the world, the more we have more souls saved, and we destroy the kingdom of Darkness, thus, increasing the Kingdom, this is what True Televangelism is all about, getting the word of God across to various people across the world, through the power of Media and Technology and over the years, it as deliver such a tremendous results with amazing Testimony, to God alone be all the Glory.

The Bible says;

Confirming the word of His servant And performing the purpose of His messengersIsaiah 44:26

So God confirms the word of his servants, even on T.V to the lives of those who believes and receive the word, I have been personally blessed countless times, listening to the man of God Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Christian Center Abuja Online, the word of God is a conveyor of the power of God.

Be bless in Jesus name!

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