Wealth is beautiful and it is one of the key that truly and indeed keeps life going smooth and fine, but then, it is always the nature of wealthy people to keep the income coming in but at a time, take some time out to flex, live in flamboyancy and luxury, but that is not the case with the black richest woman – Folorunsho Alakija‘ She just reveal and make it known that she still have aspiration in life and the fullness expression of our destiny is still yet to be fully unveiled as she still wants to be richer than The richest man who as ever lived in History – King Solomon.

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Now, blessed be God, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija as been a practical and true proof of the blessings of God in the life of anyone who serves and believe in the true and living God, She’s a christian and God as truly blessed her as a show of the word of God and the blessings of Abraham been fulfilled.

The Philantropist Alakija, was at the wealth creation meeting organised at KICC Church Conference which was held on November 12, 2016, this was where she made it known that even though she is net worth to be $1.9 Billion, the World’s Richest Black Woman has plans to make even more money than King Solomon, which is considered to be the richest man in the Bible.

Now, Incase you really felt all that it takes to get there is Faith and all of grace and all that, No!!!

It’s not, there is a tangible place for real work.

King Solomon in the bible is regarded to be the Wealthiest man who as ever walked the face of the earth in line with biblical standard.

It is believe that his net worth is $2.1 Trillion, So you can imagine how wealthy this man was?

Now follow me carefully, Bill Gates, who happens to be the richest man currently in this dispensation and our generation is Worth $85.9billion… Now compapre it to the $2.1 Trillion of King Solomon,

You can see that Mrs Alakija has a long way to go?

I really pray the lord will help you with the Wisdom and Power, zeal and grace to fulfill this and make it happen.

Because it is not a small thing, it is not joke, she as gat a lot of work to do if this must be a reality!

In her words; Mrs Folorunsho says;

I will make more money than King Solomon in the bible. I am working towards that and with his grace, i will”.

Praise the lord!!!

The bible actually confirms King Solomon to be the richest man who as ever lived.

Speaking to the people on wealth creation and tips, she says;

You can’t afford to be laid back, you have to keep at what you are doing with some level of aggressiveness and purpose, you can’t afford to be comfortable where you are, there are yet more height to climb.