Walking the street of my Campus, i saw this group of Jambites who were on the queue to buy Jamb Scratch Cards and it reminds me how i use to be those days too, back in the days, we were desperate for Admission into Higher Institution and JAMB use to be the way forward for some and the stumbling block for many others.

Now, in a situation like this, as a University Aspirant, i need to understand some things and that is what i will be sharing in this article, in order to help you, i want you to have an excellent performance in this JAmb and not just the Jamb alone but also when  you get to the University, how to be an excellent person, Great, Successful in Life, Career and Destiny.


So just follow me gradually as i open your eyes to the most important things right here.

You need to understand that, there are few things that makes for Academic Excellence, JAMB as far as am concern is a very simple and easy to pass exam, you just have to be hard working, or should i say, Hard Studying, Ready and make up your mind to have excellent performance and nothing less, and be focus.

I did my Jamb some years back and i had a good performance, and i was really glad and fulfilled, it is out of my experience that i want to share wit you on how to pass JAmb, even though you are doing it for the first time.

How to Pass your JAMB Exam This Year!

1. Be Studious : Jamb is not for the lazy student, this is not the time to spend all day on facebook or whatsapp, or all day in church, as some religious and unserious youths will do, you are face to face with destiny now, you will know what i am saying when you enter University, most of the times, by 200 to 300L you are already feeling and wishing to be a graduate and move on to the next phase in Life. So if you are now been tired down with Jamb for a year or two, you have wasted another quality time of Life, you need to be studious, while i was preparing for my Jamb, I remember i will treat and study all the Series Pass Questions, i study almost 80% of all the years in that past questions and i also enroll some Online CBT Sites to test how well prepare i am for the exam, Make sure you study well, even before the examination day, if you have prepare very well, you yourself will know.

The Bible says, “The Horse prepareth for the Day of Battle, but Victory is of the Lord –  Proverbs 21:31 “.

Yes, it is God that will grant you Victory and Success, but you must prepare too, you must not leave your own part undone, God can not be mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, shall be reap, so study all day and night, let heaven witness the fact that you have really tried in your own study endeavors and then God will handle the rest for you.

If it will take you enrolling for Evening Classes, Personal Home teacher or Jamb Lessons at various academic centers, don’t hesitate to do so, since you know fully well, that when you are done with this phase,  you are moving up to the next one, make sure academically, you are strong, Jamb Exam prepares you ahead of what you will encounter at the University level, so if you fail it, you are not qualify for higher institution.

2 Get Acquainted with the use of Computer : In our own days, you have the ability to choose either written exam or CBT, but right now, everything as changed, and it is now fully run on CBT, you can not just be reading for the exams alone, you need to learn how to use computer, it might not necessarily be the complex knowledge of Computer and technology gadgets, but be well familiar with doing exams online, don’t let it be that you will do CBT for the first time on your Jamb Exam day, it work for some, but majority falls victim of this, so don’t be victimized, go and learn how to do everything, doing Exams in the University level with CBT as shown to me, that CBT Time some times is not same as your wrist watch, most times, it is faster, just as if, it is a stopwatch that is been used, so you have to be familiar with answering question with little time space, you don’t have all the time.

Knowledge is Power, so get the knowledge of technology, it will help you on the day of your exam.

3. Be Focus : One of the major difference between great people in Life and nonentity is “FOCUS” research as shown to us that larger percentage of the people in the Universe are easily distracted, they get off cause easily, a simple side attraction, they are affected!

Don’t be like this, if you want to pass your Exam, let your mind be focus and stay glue to your Books and the Examination/Admission that you are desiring this year.

Some Students, while they are reading, they are also pinging, chatting, browsing and all that, how do you want to assimilate for God sake?

Discipline is not an option if you want to be a Success in Life, it is actually a necessity, a major requirement, don’t be distracted, don’t be carried away, in the bid of your Jamb, you can turn down Occasions, Parties, Wedding Ceremony and the likes, just to ensure that your Success is secured, these are the ways by which, Genius are made.

Focus makes your Progress and Exploits to be real and deliberate, intentional, not by chance or accident at all.

4. Engage God in Prayers : When i speak to students, I use to give them a law; “Read like you have never prayed, and pray like you have never read”.

The Bible says, “Men ought to pray and not faint  –  Luke 18:1  ” So you can not excuse prayer, it is foolishness for you to read and prepare alone without engaging God, there are many students who are by Destiny academic giants and potential Jackpot in their fields of study and career, but they don’t know God, they smoke, drink, party and engage in all kinds of indiscipline and that is how they trade their Destiny away.

So you must be Godly, you must be consistent in prayer, it will help you to put yourself together and in order, when you look up to God for solution and way out in Life, and circumstances,, you will realize you are committed to pleasing God, thus having good Success in whatsoever you do, that is exactly how it works.

I pray that God grant you knowledge, wisdom and understanding and you Admission shall be a reality this year in JESUS NAME!

I wish you all the best, Success in Jesus name!