Our God is good, he’s indeed a faithful God, and there is no shadow of darkness in him, just like the bible says; far be it, that the almighty should do wickedness!

It is only Goodness that we find in the lord our God!

Now today, i just want to keep you edify and make this known to all Christians, all over the whole, that you can be saved, washed by the blood of Jesus and by the virtue of that, come into a realm of eternal rest and glorious existence here on earth, before you go and be with the lord!

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Today, i really wanna do well to help you get rid of the challenges mentality and the idea of been persecuted and tormented because you gave your Life to christ! No!!!

Do you even know God cares about you?

Do you God is ready to do mind blowing things through your life now that you have come to Jesus?

But there are certain things you must do, and now that you are born again, there is a way and a “How” as regard serving God acceptably, receiving from GOD and seeing breakthroughs happening in your life.

1. You must love God: more than anything else, true livers of God end up as high flyer in Life, remember love is the fulfillment of the law… You must love to the level that you can represent him in the midst of challenges.

2. You must seek God; this is talking about; fellowship, fervent prayer life, going to church… It is not enough to be a Christian, you must learn to seek the lord consistently… Remember ” this is the generation of them that seek thee, that seek your face oh God of Jacob.., you don’t get breakthrough and promotion from the lord and run away from the Lord at the same time, that success will not last, the system of God is that you come to him and settle down with him, that is when u can ride upon the head of your enemy successfully, if you have not seat down with the lord, you have not started….

2. Practice the covenant!

This is very important, one of the covenant requirements for all round breakthrough and rest is ” to love God” another one is to be a ” Tither”, if you don’t pay your tithe, things will never work in your favor, it will always be difficult,

Every promise of God works on the platform of faith, so have faith in the covenant of tithing and you will see breakthrough in a strange way.

4. Be committed to the Advancement of God’s kingdom

This is very important, if you are not pushing the kingdom of God forward as a Christian, you can never enter God’s realm of eternal rest, reward and breakthrough

I need the Christian of nowadays to understand that, result is quite different from reward!

If you truly want to be rewarded, then you must be a kingdom ambassador who is concern and committed to be smooth running of the church of Christ, Jesus asked Peter, do u love me more than this?

He said Yes, and Jesus said to him, feed my Lamb ( this is talking about soul winning and establishment of new comers into the faith)

If you are not productive in this area or you don’t feel concern about this, as a Christian, you won’t see the hand of God as you ought to!

4. finally, you must have FAITH! This is very important – its amazing how they refer to many Christians today as ” believer’s ” but when you dialogue with them, you will find out that they don’t even believe in God! Its not how many years you have been in the faith that counts, but how much Faith do you have in God?

If you don’t trust God to take care of you and your life and everything that concerns you as you choose to live by his word; you might never make a head way in the journey of life!

For the bible says, if thou mayest believe, you shall see the glory of God!

And blessed is she that believeth , for there shall be a performance!

God will only do mighty things in the life of those who choose to believe, for he that cometh to God, must cone believing, that he is and he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him!

These are the major facilitator of breakthrough without sweat in the christiandom!

You must believe; the lord your God always!

You must love and serve the interest of his kingdom always!

I pray that everyone that reads this will be touched and encourage to come to a new level of believe in their walk with God!

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