Praise the Lord, great people of God, i bless you all in the name of Jesus, i am going to be bringing you word from the lord today and it is on a very common and yet essential issue that is fond of coming up every now and then in our life, and journey.

People are bound to offend you every now and then, for whatsoever reason, as long as you have breath in your nostrils, you will be offended, there will always be something or the other to deal with, but then, it is not enough to deal with something, the how is yet very essential, just the same way, How you see situation and circumstances of Life will go a long way to determine your experience in the earth realm.

But then, when people hurt you and offend you, how do you see it?

How do you handle it?

Do you really forgive them?

Or you are one of those who says words like “When we’d get to heaven, we are gonna settle it?

Any category that you are,  i am glad that you are reading this devotional right now because it is going to change and transform your life in and out.

We must Understand how the lord wants us to see Forgiveness, even when we were hurt, now let us first learn from Jesus the patterned man – The bible speaking in Luke 23: 34 says  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do“.

This was when they were beating, hurting and nailing Jesus on the cross, two things you have to know when people really hurt you so bad.

  1. It is Human for you to be Hurt, as long as you are alive, somebody for whatsoever reason, will hurt you.
  2. You must be conscious of Love and mercy, this is the true prove of our obedience to the word of God.

More often than not, we find it very difficult to forgive people that really hurt us in life, but yet, the word of the lord is  “Ye and Amen” it must be obeyed always!

The bible says in Luke 11: 4 –  “Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us“. These verse showed it practically that God’s system of forgivesness is that, you obtain it when you give it too.

So while you actually believe you are doing your offender the good of forgiving him, God says, you are doing yourself even more good by so doing.

This is because, until you forgive others, God can not forgive you too, and not just that, you can not walk in the realm of faith, Obedience and The Supernatural with unforgiveness and bitterness in your heart, against your fellow man.

Research as also proven that when you keep  a bad thought/bitterness in your heart against someone who something, then you are vulnerable to all kind of health disorder and diseases.

Our fellowship with God is smooth and unrestricted when we walk in forgiveness and love towards our brethren, those we love and those around us, on the otherwise, unforgiveness will always block our fellowship with God, answers to prayers, obtaining his mercy, our hearing God and even more.

When you see what is in stock for you to lose with unforgiveness, you will do away with it, Unforgiveness in itself is an oppression of the devil, don’t be demon possessed with Unforgiveness.

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So Then, How do you Forgive?

This question comes up, especially when certain people that you love dearly hurt you so bad and now forgiving them is like an impossibility, what can you do?

  1. Pray : This is a major key, when you find it difficult to forgive a person, pray about it, tell the lord to mend your broken heart and give you a heart like his own, also tell the lord, how much you wish to really forgive the person who hurts you and how that you need his grace and mercy to make this happen, as it is not possible to forgive anybody in the power of the flesh. The bible encourages us to pray for our enemy — Luke 6 : 27 – 28.
  2. Walk in Obedience : When you have position your mind to walk in obedience to the word of God, then you will always remember the word of God, even when you are hurt, and it will help you get over it easily, the word of God is power, his words are ye and amen!
  3. Depend on The Holyspirit : This is very important you’ve to know that you can never walk in forgiveness by engaging your own power (Power of the flesh) You need the holyspirit to help you really and truly forgive those who hurts you, if it is to be based on flesh, you would really love to revenge and that is against the will of God, so you just have to trust the holyspirit for grace to forgive people and get rid of bitterness in your life.

Now finally, i want you to remember that ” Unforgiveness is a major weapon that Satan uses against the saints of God ”

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Mark 11: 25, makes this very clear, Unforgiveness is a york, it is burdensome, it brings bitterness and confusion into the lives of anyone who engages it.

Get rid of unforgiveness today, so that you can truly come into God’s agenda and top priority list, God as provision for his own people consistently, and when the way of a man is pleasing to the lord, he makes him to be at peace with his enemyProverb 16 : 7 . God is always fighting for his own people and rendering their enemies powerless.

As you choose to walk in Forgivesness and Love today, i decree the blessings and favor of God coming your way in the mighty name of Jesus!!!


You are Bless!