One thing most people don’t know about God’s servant, Pastor E.A Adeboye is that he is not just a man of God, he is a man of Grace! He is a Blessed man, he as fulfilled Destiny in Grand Style and when we are privilege to learn from such men on how we can fulfill our own destiny too, wisdom demands that we pay attention and have a open and teachable mind to receive.

I actually exempt this out of one of his Sermons, “Fulfilling Your Destiny” This is yet one of the best Life transforming sermons of God’s servant that i have ever watched in recent time.

Apart from been born again, having received JESUS as your lord and saviour, he share certain insight on How to fulfill your glorious Destiny as a child of God, and that is exactly what we are going to be looking at in this Post today.

The major key daddy gave during that sermon that anchor towards fulfillment of destiny was that;


 Pastor Adeboye said – If You really want to fulfill Your Destiny in Life through Christ and be great in Life, its a very simple logic, look into the society and the environment that makes up your world and do what successful people, do what those who fulfill their destiny are doing, look into the sermons, teachings and preaching in church, study your bible, look into all of this facilities and search out those who actually fulfill their destiny, figure out what they do and do it also, and on the other side, look at those who didn’t fulfill their destiny’ see their weaknesses and learn from it, don’t be conform to their style, and with perseverance and a determined heart, the lord is able and more than ready to take you there.

Daddy Also shared a testimony i would never forget in my Life, its about himself, his dream, vision and how God turned it into a reality!

 He experienced untold hardship as a boy from the cruel hand of poverty & for the first 17years of his life, he never wore shoes nor a pair of trousers as there was no money to buy it. Hear him:’ When I was very young – in 1950, two lorries came into my village – an Austin and a Bedford. Those days, very few people could afford to put on shoes.  They included the traditional head, the village headmaster and the catechist. 
One day, the Anglican bishop came on a visit. 
All the little children including myself, lined up on the way as the hunters fired gun shots to welcome him. 
He came in a shiny car, and was well dressed. When I saw his shoes, my mouth opened wide in surprises. On getting home that day, I told my mother I was going to be a Bishop. As the years rolled by, I forgot that dream. in 1981, when I become General Overseer of the RCCG, I want to visit our church in my village.
 I went in a brand new car, my shoes were glittering. The school children lined up the way and the hunters fired their guns to welcome me. 
Then I realized I had just filled my childhood dream.’ Pastor Adeboye was an ‘A’ student throughout his academic life. He became born-again at RCCG on July 29th 1973 & was baptized by immersion in September 1973. As a worker in the church, he laboured to preach the Gospel of Christ through his word and deeds. 
He also conducted lunch hour fellowship at the University community. He was ordained a pastor of the church on September 14, 1975 alongside four others.

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