Praise the name of the Lord our God both from now and forever, I am glad to write to my dear Christian brethens all over the world today.

I bless you all in the name of the Lord most High.

Today, i want to address a very important and vital issue in your christian life and walk with God.

The Bible made it clear that when the enemy shall come in like a Flood, the spirit of the Lord shall raise a standard against him –  Isaiah 59 : 19.

And the Bible also says, unto thee, i give the keys that opens the kingdom of Heaven – Matthew 16 : 19.

So as far as the Bible is concern, Christian believers are not helpless, we are not to be stranded when situations are tough, we have the scriptures which is our light and direction, and we must engage the light that we receive from the word of God.

That is why, it is important and essential as a Believer that we continually give ourselves to the word of God and equip ourselves with the knowledge of the truth of God’s word, it is a major way to always combat the enemy’s scheme when it comes.

So today, i want to address the issues of having Bad dreams and evil visions and dreams.

This is what many believers are facing everyday, some are now even used to it and they don’t take a step against it.

As the LORD Jehovah lives, when you are done reading this article, you will be set free from the evil dreams and visions in Jesus mighty name!

Original of Evil Dreams’;

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Evil Dreams and Visions are actually originated from the pit of hell, and some times they are communication of demonic agenda and attempt over the life of a Believer, and we must not watch it.

I often tell my friends, that the major challenges of Christians today is “Ignorance”,  you will continually be  a slave to that which you don’t know, and the only way to survive is to combat it with the knowledge of truth.

The enemy’s agenda are communicated to the lives of men by Dreams and when you see anything evil, and you receive it as the final or you are afraid that it may really happen of a truth, then, there are all tendency that you will may prey of it.

So they are actually design to create fear in the heart of men, remember the Bible says; That which i fear, came upon me – Job 3 : 25.

So anytime, you are in fear, you are a prey to the enemy…

So what do you do when you see Evil Visions and Dreams?

You stand up against it!

You combat it and reject it in the name of JESUS!!!

You fight and reject it.

Then, you stand on the word of God, Remember the word of God in 2 Corinthians 10 : 5 – Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

Also you know that the name of Jesus is great and powerful, its the name above all name, you must war with the name of JESUS!

The Bible says, “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways”. – Job 22 : 28.

So continually give yourself to the declaration of the word of God, if you see yourself going down in the dream, you can use a scripture like; But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. – Psalms 3 : 3. So, find a Scripture that combat what you see and in prayers, begin to establish the fulfillment of that scriptures, don’t go back and sleep, don’t watch it and say its an ordinary dream.

The Lord expect that you take step against it, this is very important.

More often than not, we are busy waiting for God to do something, however God himself is waiting for us to do something, so you must stand up against it, i know some folks recommend people going for a special deliverance services, but trust me; you can be delivered yourself by the strength of God’s word, remember God’s word is quick and power and when you get to your prayer altar, you begin to superimpose the word of God into fulfillment over your life and destiny.

This is how to win the victory!

Let me quickly remind you, the other day, after JESUS was done with the 40-days fasting and praying, The Bible says, The Devil came to tempt him, but guess what?

JESUS overcome the temptation by the WORD OF GOD!!!

There is no devil anywhere in the word that can stand against the word of God, you need to know that you have the most powerful and potent weapon in your hand as a believer, and that is the word of God.

When the enemy come to prove some stubbornness, you combat it with the word of God, you need to load yourself with the word of God, just the same way we load Gun with bullets.

So now, you have the weapons in your hand, The word of God which is sharper than nay two edged sword, go and use it against the enemy! (As a matter of fact, the word of God must continually be your standard as a believer, situations of the world can not change the word of God, but the word of God can change the situation of the world.)

The name of JESUS!!! Which is above every other name! Go into prayers using the word of God as your guide and pray in the name of Jesus to put a seal on your prayer, it is a very powerful name.

Then finally, engage the Blood of JESUS, we know the Blood of Jesus speaks, the other day, Abel’s blood cried out in Vengeance but the Blood of Jesus speaks mercy!!!

So you must know how to use the Blood as a weapon tool during warfare, you can speak the right thing over every wrong spoken word from the enemy over your life and destiny.

You can even cancel every evil agenda of the enemy through the Blood of JESUS!

I pray as you go on the strength of this reality, you will have testimony in the name of Jesus.

Prayer : Father I pray in the name of Jesus, that every Evil Dreams and Visions in the live of your people are totally destroy in the name of JESUS!

Every good things and promises of God for their lives that is therein the word of God, shall be made manifest in their lives in Jesus mighty name! Amen!

God bless you.