Am glad to be here in Nigeria and to be a born Nigeria, i have zero regret to be here, Nigeria is indeed a great place to be with fascinating culture, lifestyle, leadership, mineral and natural resources, fertile land and amazing agricultural and industrial exploit, there is more to explore in this nation than you can ever imagine, but they are all at the  mercy of your level of knowledge and understanding. What you know is exactly what makes you outstanding!  It is also what will makes you shine among others, knowledge is indeed and of a truth powerful.


So, today i really wanna share with you, what makes people very great in Nigeria and how you can also embark on this Pedestrian o greatness and join the winning team.

There are a number of people in Nigeria who are hyper successful.

They are trial blazers, world changers and history makers, we have a lot of them that don’t travel to America or other countries too often, but Americans are the one coming down here to seek of them and from them, wisdom and tips to build nation and make giant out of dwarfs.

First of all, before i deep deeper, i want you to understand that been in Africa, been a black man with a black skin doesn’t reduce you, it doesn’t make you smaller at all.

Racism will not help the world get better because true exploit is not a product of the color of your skill but the capacity and ability that is embedded inside of you.

So, you can sit down in Yaba Lagos, Ikeji Lagos, Bashorun In Ibadan, Tanke in Ilorin Kwara state, Aroje in Ogbomosho Oyo state, Adebayo in Ado-Ekiti,  Ijoka in Akure, Maitama in Abuja, Effurun in Delta, Abua Garki area 1, Isinkan, alagbaka, igbatoro, Ijoka in Akure Ondo state  and other areas in Nigeria and be Commanding World-class exploit that will attract a global network of people and stay on top in whatsoever you are doing.

Follow me, as i take you through few steps that outshines people in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

  1. Be Hardworking: This is non-negotiable, if you want to stand out and be successful in Nigeria, you have to be hardworking, hard working here  means minding your business and doing all it takes to be a top notch in your business, Nigerian web space is swiftly enlarging and expanding daily, however names like Linda Ikeji, Seun Osewa and some others can not be erased while talking about successful web/Online entrepreneurs in Nigeria, also when we are talking about Priesthood in Nigeria, people like Pastor W.F Kumuyi, Bishop Oyedepo, pastor Adeboye and others name are always on the frontage! reason been that, they mind their business, burn many candles and work many sleepless night just to arrive where they are today, so it doesn’t matter what you might be doing [ as long as its good time and you can come out to the public to show it] just keep on pressing in the place of sacrifice, working hard to reach a goal is the best way to get to the top in your area of specialization, great successful people in Nigeria are people that takes their business serious, they don’t joke with it at all. so don’t be left behind, don’t let your name be lost in the crowd, work hard so as to stand out!
  2. Be Focus: This is yet another necessity, you must keep your eyes on something if you want to be successful and great in Nigeria or any other part of the world, focus eople are extremely great people. You can’t be chasing after shadow and expect your name to be known… This will never, there are too many distraction in our world today, but i can tell you this, greatness comes with a price and one of the price of greatness is “Focus” it is only focus people that ends up becoming world changers and trail blazers! You can’t be chasing after 3 things at the same time, it doesn’t work that way, yeah!  know you might have so many talents and potential; but, wisdom says you success in one before you move on to the next one. Stay focus on that goal, vision and dream and in no time you will find yourself there!
  3. Be Consistent: This is very important, you must be consistent! You must not be finding missing in the place of your assignment, maybe you are a writer and you have dreams to become one of the best-selling author in the world, you have to keep writing, infact i would say you should take up the task of writing everyday! Consistent is one of the raw materials that powers success and perfection… just keep at it. Don’t be discouraged, the fact that you failed once doesn’t mean you are a failure, no you are not! If you truly want your name to be on the list of world changers then you have to be consistent! in whatsoever god work your hand as find doing.
  4. Be a Lover of God: This is very important, God is your source and he is your creator, you can not hate God and still amount to anything in Life, you must love the lord they God with all your heart and serve him truly and sincerely with your heart, that way you will be on a good side of life, things will fall in Place for you and you shall be continually victorious, its a another fastlane to wrecking down destiny when you take pleasure in doing what displeases God; you must seek, serve and love God and only him must you serve! This is very important, God as his way of making things work out for his own people, so don’t be against your creator and the lord God will bless you greatly!
  5. Be Prayerful: This is one of the center secret of extremely successful and great men in Nigeria, there was a time Nigerian most sort after Motivational speaker “Fela Durotoye” was to speak to thousands of people and he looked at them and said let us pray! Many people were wondering what is this? You are here to motivate us and help us figure out the potential that are embedded in us, what as prayer got to do with that? “Well, he said to them, God is the reason why i am worthy to stand before you today, i came from the poorest home with no potential and ambition in view but God helped me and brought me this far,i can’t afford to ignore him, i must always acknowledge his grace upon my Life.” – This is the testimony of Fela Durotoye, now what can you learn from that? IF You choose to give yourself to praying daily, it doesn’t matter the insecurity in the nation, the calamity, the poor background where you came from, you will rewrite the history of your life and end up in a glorious destiny! But you must pray!!! I am giving you the winning key of highly successful people in Nigeria, there are forces and obstacle that must be conquered, overcome and destroy s that you can come into limelight and be who you have been destined to be, this can only be achieved on the altar of Prayer!!!
  6. Take Pleasure in the success of others: If you are the type that takes delight in the failure of others, then you are not going anywhere either, Success is a testimony that as the ability to begat one another, t can reproduce itself, so you must always get excited when yu hear about other people’s success story don’t be a mocker, those that dwell in the seat of the mockers or scornful always end up in mockery! If you are still looking for job, and your friends and mate are employed in big companies with fat check, rejoice with them, take delight in their progress and advancement, it is the best way for you to draw your own closer! Stop getting mad at someone’s progress and uplift because your own too will soon come.
  7. Plant Good Dreams and Vision: This is very essential, what are you dreams and visions? What o you aspire to become? You can never achieve focus in Life, if you lack true good dreams and vision and without focus, you can never be great, because highly great people are known by their good works, so you must have goo desires; if you are a business man with one shop now, plant good and great dreams like having a shopping mall one day, building a massive business estate market, this will help you to stay discipline, focus and connected to the responsibility untill it becomes a reality!
  8. Build The Needed Capacity: This is very important, For “Faith Without Work is dead” so your faith for greatness and success is make visible and potent by your work, build capacity in the place of knowledge, sometimes it can be in the place of experience; for instance, you want to venture into a business you don’t know anything about it yet, you can go and visit those who are already making exploits in that same business venture, and learn from it till you are fully persuaded of what you know, then you can proceed into starting your own venture aswell. Capacity building is one of the ways to successfully handle expansion, when God begin to prosper what you are doing and the business and career is expanding, then sufficient capacity must be built in order to handle maintain the greatness. It is not enough to come on the spotlight, you must do all in your power to sustain it.
  9. Develop a Positive Mindset: This is very important, great ideas and innovations flows through our mind daily but the extend at which they are communicated to us can only be determined by the state of our heart, what goes through your mind determines what your life end up becoming, so develop a positive mindset, see the good side of every situation, don’t be down, don’t be depress, always encourage yourself in the lord, failure is not the ed of the road, if you believe you can rise up again and still become highly victorious. Don’t ever allow your background to put your back on the ground, you can be an achiever, you can be anything you wish to be, nothing can stop you, except your mindset.
  10. Keep The Right Company of People: This is the last but not the least, your company is very important. Just as the saying goes “Your Company, determines what Accompanies you” So if you really want to know what will become of you in the next 5years from now, check your company, always ensure you are keeping the right company! Right company here talks about people who are discipline like you, people who are visioneers like you, those who have a target and somewhere they are going, those are the ones you should keep around you, they have the ability t facilitate the reality of your dreams ad if otherwise, you keep a bad wrong, they can easily draw you into the pit, you never imagine or wish to see yourself. Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey, only if you can see it, then you can have it, I pray the lord grant you wisdom, grace and understanding in Jesus name. Great People!

God bless Nigeria!

I am sure and convince beyond reasonable doubt that, if you engage these 10 keys in your life, here in Nigeria, other part of Africa and any place in the world, you are surely bound to succeed!

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