Praise the Lord.., i am glad to bring you an epistle this morning and am sure it will bless your lives greatly.

Without wasting much of our time, i really want to go into our focus for today, Jesus was speaking to the disciples the other day, and he said unto them;

Who do men say I am?

It was amazing how that the bible says, they were silent, this means all of them have heard quiet a lot of voices behind the scene as regard who the person of Jesus was, and they have all been operating by what they have been hearing, thank God Peter was able to tap into divine intelligence and access the mind of God and gave the very right answer to that question, now this is where i am going.

We live in a world of much criticism and Jealousy, it is eating up our world system on a daily basis, and we can not afford to continue this way; the most amazing aspect of all is how that it is also eating up and infecting even the body of christ in the nation of our world, this is a major concern to me.

I know we have freedom and liberty but even in the midst of freedom and liberty, we should also learn to conserve and sustain what i call the referential fear of God, when the bible says, in our lord’s prayer;

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, – Matthew 6 : 10.

The coming kingdom here talks about, God’s system of operation, God’s way of doing things, for instance, God will not own a school and mal-practice during exams will be embraced in that school, that is exactly what the coming kingdom of God is, and it is amazing the bible says, let it be on earth, as it as already be in heaven, so God’s kingdom is heaven as already come to be, but then, it must also be replicated here on the earth.

Now this is where i am going. have you seen people take  a man of God and begin to castigate him so bad?

the way they will do to a celebrity or a nobody?

Its the perversion eating up our world, this days and our generation and we must be careful, we must take heed for the foundation of the lord standeth sure!

God does not want anyone to judge or speak ill about his servants and messengers, yeah, there are imperfections in them, but the bible calls them ” Just men made perfect”, they were not perfect in themselves, but God found them worthy to be used for his glory.

Psalm 105: – 13 And they wandered about from nation to nation, From one kingdom to another people. 14 He permitted no man to oppress them, And He reproved kings for their sakes: 15″Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

This is the word of the lord, it is ye and amen, it does not change! It stands forever!

The other day, when certain folks took Moses as a subject of mockery and they discussed silently about him, God saw them and dealt with them so much that even Moses wanted to beckon on God on their behalf, but it was said that… there was nothing even Moses could do, because they have brought God’s wrath on themselves just by speaking against a man of God.

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Now i listened to  a very powerful testimony from God’s servant – Pastor Benny Hinn.

and i’d really gonna share this, so that we can all learn from it, he said long time ago,


Pastor Kenneth Copeland came to him, and said to him.

Benny, I need your forgiveness, i have sin against you.. and Benny asked him, how do you mean?

Pastor kenneth copeland replied and said, i was in United states and i was so sick, i went before the lord and ask him, why am i sick?

and the lord told me, you have spoken against my servant Benny Hinn, before some pastors, so now, go and meet benny and apologize.

It was really an astonishing experience for benny hinn himself, according to what he shared in the ministration i watched, but this is how God takes his servants seriously, you don’t deal with them, even with your mouth and go scoot free. From that day, Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn became a very close friend.


Love them and honor them in your heart and even if you don’t love them, you can just leave them, don’t criticize them, don’t castigate them, don’t speak against them, even when you see them doing what is wrong, pray for them and ask God for mercy, if you can do this, then leave them to God.

God is so amazing with his servants, prophets and messengers, he does not take them for granted, even after Samson as messed up, he made a last request and amazingly God granted the request, can you imagine that?

This is how God takes the counsel of his messengers very powerful, he does not take it for granted.

So from henceforth, let us learn to honor God and his servants, for the bible says, Believe the lord they God and ye shall be establish, believe his prophet, and ye shall prosper – 2 Chronicles 20:20.


I pray the lord help us to be diligent and obedient to his ways, will and his word consistently in Jesus name.

Kindly share this with a friend and be a blessing to them.