We all know that our Father in the Lord Bishop David Oyedepo is not just a Priest, or a Prophet, but he is a man given to Knowledge and he values relevant Knowlegde, and that is why he believes and always charge us that; “There is no Mountain anywhere, every man’s ignorance is his mountain“.

Bishop is a Great and a Bless man, he is blessed of God and i know even in the future and years of many generations, his mind blowing impact will yet be significant on the earth.

He as set all of us on a pedestal of exploit and for us to be like him, we have to run and give our selves to good works consistently with an undying passion like him.

But I want to call your attention to something…

Bishop Oyedepo by the leading of the spirit of God and effective equipping in terms of knowledge delivers Covenant and Landark University, two outstanding University in Nigeria today and they are both running just fine, at a divine pace, setting the stage for global academic excellence.

Now, do you ever think and wonder how a man with such a massive church network around the world, still handles the smooth running of two top-notch universities?

I know, there is Grace, infact Great Grace, but i want us to also understand the fact that, Bishop works really hard, he is not a lazy pastor, do you know how much books he as read? (and still reading till now).

He once shared in a Youth empowerment summit at DayStar Christian Center, that, he travelled to many nations so years ago and when he came back, the Wife (Mummy Faith Oyedepo) was glad to see him back, came to welcome him and off load the loads, (which was just packs of books).

She open and check, only to find just books inside, and she asked him, is this all that you have got?

and the man of God said, Yes! that is all i have got, when am done consuming the content of these books, i will be able to manufacture all that you expected me to have gotten from abroad.

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But do you know, he said in his words that, all those books were worth  $9,000 ?

Papa once made a comment about the Poor Leadership of Nigeria and what he said was that;

The Problem of this Nation is that, Non-leaders are leading “.

Now, we all know that his truth, a man wants to become the President, or a Billionaire, and he as never read a Book on any of these two things?

Bishop Oyedepo Leadership system is something that we should really learn from, it will help us a whole lot.

Now, before the time, he shared this story, he as read many books, i hope you know that?

After sharing this story, many years ago, he must have read even more books?

When Covenant University was going to start, he said, he had some delegates with me, and he got from America, books on How the most Relevant Universities across the world are been run!

And that was not less than 10 Books, on various Mighty Universities across the world, that are the most successful (Harvard and the likes) just to learn how they are been run and how they maintain relevance after many years.

You see, our Nation, Our Continent is never a limitation, there are many of us who went to study abroad and yet we had better results and performance than the whites over there, Nigerians just need to learn the act of equipping themselves with adequate and relevant knowledge in whatsoever faucets of life they find themselves, what you don’t know is still the reason, why you are on the same spot, immediately you know it, you are bound to move forward, even the Bible says,

Come up, hither, and i will show you thins to comeRevelation 4:1  “, It also says

Study to show thyself approved, unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.    –  2 Timothy 2:15 “.

So Knowledge is irreplaceable, you can not replace knowledge with prayer, as a matter of fact, Appropriate prayer of matured Christian is “Show me what i need to know, grant me access into knowledge that will bring an end to the issues of my Life”.

It is baby Christians, that tells God to do everything, there are things that you need to do, to have your desired result also.

This is the lesson, i want us to learn from the Life of Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo today, what God can do for one, he can do for all, but God can not use you both in Life and Ministry beyond the level of your knowledge, remember he is the source of Knowledge and he knows it all and knows it best, your crave for knowledge will grant you access into divine intelligence which helps you to live and operate with the mind of Christ, an excellent mind, and excellent spirit.

Bishop Oyedepo said, when he was coming into Ministry, he picked 39 Books and Biographies of 39 Ministers of the gospel, around the world that ever existed and read their biographies to know, what they did and how they do it to have exploits in Ministry, now this was the time when Living Faith Church, was less than 50 people in attendance, but look at what the knowledge as delivered today?

I remember, when CNN and other Global Media house in America came to Nigeria to interview God’s servant, and they asked him, how many books have you read?

He said, I have read, all of Kenneth Hagin’s book, T.L Osborn’s book, E.W Kenyon, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Copeland, some of Oral Robert and many others.

So one of the things that powers the exploit of Bishop Oyedepo is knowledge, he is a man given to knowledge, in many Nations around the world today, people are rushing to buy Bishop Oyedepo’s Book, there as been countless testimonies recorded from encounters through his Books ( I am one of them, my Life was greatly transformed, after reading the book ” All you need to have, all your needs met “.

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My Conclusion : Immediately, you are given to knowledge, you are seeking Knowledge often, you become a weapon tool fit for the master’s use, because he is the God of Knowledge (Omniscient).

May God grant you understanding in the name of Jesus.