Yeah, so this is a Nigerian singer, that has such a sophisticated vocals and voicing, with such a massive audience and fans database, as the secular and musically incline ones will say, “Tiwa Savage is a Music Guru, looking at her Music career over the years, we now she didn’t get here by chance, she as failed many times, but she is still standing today, but then, I want to draw your attention to some things about her, Nigeria my country is such that Celebrities lived the way they like and anyhow they feel, its quiet unfortunate even with their fans and followers, they don’t mind to dress anyhow and do any how.

I remember the first time, i saw her in person was last year march at Eko Hotel, she came to Akin Alabi’s seminar, which was organised for Business start-ups, Youth empowerment and entrepreneurs, I wasn’t impress seeing her, rather I was not cool with her dress, her dress as always been a killing and too seductive or should i say, exposing certain parts of her body that should not be seen.

Her music has millions viewership on Youtube, so i know   a lot of folks listen to her, and perhaps they love her, the only time i got so serious about her, was when the issue of marriage divorce came on the scene, a marriage that so much was spent to put in place just flagged up just like that ?


It was really a disgusting thing, Now i know that we might perhaps say, she’s not discipline, she is been childish, and most especially, most celebrity marriages are bound to crash, i know all of that, but this is my own ideology, she as a great gift from God, which is her “Voice”. We all know and understand via scriptures that good and perfect gifts comes from above, so God is the giver of Good Voice, the devil does not have anything good to offer anybody, what he does, most of times is to bastardize that which God as put in people, this he does by their ignorance and non-nonchalant attitude towards God.

Life was never meant to be lived without the living God.

She tries with her song writing, lyrics and the melody, but how do you feel if she was a voice kingdom?

Apparently, looking at the way she uploads pictures online and bikini and the likes, even though she’s a secular artist and this is what is trending, all the kim kardashian and the likes are fond of doing it, it is still wrong!

Serving God with all our heart, loving him and living according to his ways is what we have been called to do, and this must be what we seek our lives to do daily, there are some of her pictures online that are really  not good, they are embarrassing to womanhood, i began to feel, she as forgotten that one of this days, she will have her own children too, and they will emulate whatsoever she does and she will also report to God, how she trained them, can’t we have celebrities who puts themselves into order?

The ideology of sharing your marital issues on the internet is total foolishness, the bible says, by Wisdom a house is built and by Understanding, it is established, we must learn to build according to pattern, to that which God will find good enough for us, it pains me so bad, when i hear that, most of these so called secular celebrities an musicians started as a choir in the church, even in the house of the lord?

And now, their lives, their dress and their music does not glorify the lord anymore?

This is the work of the devil, enticing men with money and fame?

It’s not worth it, every of our glorious destiny can yet be fulfilled in Christ Jesus, he wants to make us great on the earth, and yet he wants us to make heaven, but if you truly must be used by the Lord, then you must know him and of course, you must love him with the whole of your life, and your heart.

This is what makes God to delight in you, Now, I saw Tiwa Savage in the Experience last year, and she still back home as her normal self?

So what experience did she have? Where is the true salvation? Or do you think, God can not save a celebrity and help he or she come back into the fullness of God’s plan for her life?

God can do anything,  I pray that as she journey through life, she will understand what it means to be a choir in the house of the lord and to also end up in the heavenly choir before the lord of Host in Jesus name.

I am not against her in anyway, but i am saying, Righteousness exalts a nation, Sin is a reproach to any celebrity, industry, community, nation and generation.

You see, walking and serving the lord comes with some level of demands and price actually, it is not easy to come by, i know, that is why the Bible says, They that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength, this is True.

Great Gospel singers like Sinach and the likes of Frank Edwards, Nathaniel Bassey, Steve Crown, Lara George, Tope Alabi and the likes, they also waited, they all started from the church choir, they are all celebrated today and yet they are still fit to sing in the house of God, they don’t upload perverse and explicit pictures online, they are great, they are blessed and yet, they are Godly.

So you can be great celebrity and still be Godly, the painful thing is, when people from church and God’s people who knew you when you use to be a church singer, sees, you know, how would they feel ?

Is this God’s blessings? The True Blessings of God does not take people away from God’s presence.

May the Lord grant us understanding.

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