How I met Apostle Joshua Selman

After second semester ended in my 200level as an undergraduate, I invaded my cousin Laptop to see his latest messages I saw Apostle Joshua selman is asked him who is this man he answered me I immediately played envoy of his presence I started crying..i started searching through the internet I saw the ministry page I started following passionately was regular on downloading every Friday teachings.

I started sharing messages to my coursemates, friends in University of Porthacourt in fact if you stayed in my room we normally listen to this messages morning, afternoon, evening…
My hunger and Passion for God increased

Nysc brought me to Lagos
I was still following.Gospelkonnect came up we started sharing the complete messages everywhere
I said to myself if am a true follower of his teachings I should be doing something even if am far from ZARIA I can’t call a man Father, mentor without doing anything for him,anyone that come in contact with me will go with this Powerful, Holy Ghost inspired teachings.
This Teachings increased my hunger, passion and introduced me into the Mysteries of the Kingdom
I understood I can really play life like a chess

On that Divine organised day He used me as an example on how favour comes by something coming upon you in NCCF LAGOS state conference I entered a new level of strange favour, I don’t know I pray for people alert coming everywhere,strange favour.

I can’t forget his powerful words to me
“Wherever my messages goes to I take you there,
If my messages can be stopped that means your life can be stopped if it cannot nothing will stop you “.

It’s been awesome covering and also recording some of external messages within and around Lagos and putting most of it on.

One of the best thing that happened to me was meeting Jesus inside a Man.
Thank you for giving your life to Christ.
Sometimes I imagine what of if he did not follow God.
Destiny’s tied in his knowing God and revealing him to them would still be in bondage.

I love you sir!! Keep basking in his presence.

Testimony from Uchenna Iroegbu.

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