Amarylis : We speak healing affirmations and believe that comes from our mouth.
Receive it, Take it and Possess it. If you finished speaking and your body told you that you are still sick , then speak up with the Word of God. ” It is written. By the stripes of Jesus I was healed. I believe it. I take it, I have it In Jesus Name,” Keep speaking these affirmations everyday. Three times a day, twice a day or once a day for maintenance . Non stop. You doubt then you don’t receive the healing. Cast the doubts into the sea.

God forgives all iniquities, and heals all my diseases – Proverbs 103-3
Lord, It is written in Your word that if I cry out to You, that You will heal me – Psalm 30:2
Lord, it is written in Your word that You will take away from me all the sickness – Deuteronomy 7:15
By His stripes I am healed – Isaiah 53:5
You Lord will bring me health and healing – Jeremiah 33:6
Lord, Your word says that My healing shall spring forth speedily – Isaiah 58:8
It is written in Psalms 41 Heavenly Father, that if we remember and bless the poor that you will keep us alive and that you will raise us up off of our sick bed and heal our diseases. – Psalm 41:3
Lord You said that if I departed from evil and I would have health to my flesh, and strength to my bones – Proverbs 3:7-8
Lord You said that if I served You, You would take sickness away from me – Exodus 23:25
I cry out to You O’Lord and you will heal me – Psalm 30:2
My body is healthy and strong and not plagued by human ills –
Psalm 73:4-5
Father, it is written in Psalms 107:20 that You will send Your word to heal me, and Your word does will not return to You void, and that You will rescue me from the grave. – Psalm 107:20
You will heal the brokenhearted and bind up my wounds – Psalm 147:2
You Lord will bring me health and healing and I will enjoy abundant
peace and security – Jeremiah 33:6

Heavenly Father, it says in Your word in Malachi 3:11 that you will rebuke the devourer for my sake – Malachi 3:11
It is written in Psalms 34:19 that the afflictions of the righteous are many, but You will deliver us from all of them – Psalms 34:19
Your words will strengthen my weak hands and strengthen my feeble
knees – Job 4:3-4
You, Lord will heal, come and heal me – Matthew 8:7
You Lord will heal all my sicknesses and diseases – Matthew 4:23-24
I release my faith and believe for my healing knowing that even a small
amount of faith (as a mustard seed) can work miracles – Luke 17:6
I listen to the voice of the Lord and do what is right in his eyes and he
heals me – Exodus 15:26
The Lord is merciful to me in my weakness and he heals me –
Psalm 6:22
I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done –
Psalm 118:17
God has seen my ways. He will heal me and restore my comfort –
Isaiah 57:18
In Christ I have life, and have it to the fullest – John 10-10
Lord Jesus, it is written in John 14:14 that if I ask My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth to do anything that He will do it, so I ask You Lord Jesus to heal my body, every organ, every cell, every gland, every muscle, every ligament and every bone in my body according to John 14:14. To God be the glory. John 14:14
It is written in John 15:7-8 that if Your words abide in me Lord Jesus and I abide in You I shall ask what I shall and it shall be done for me, so that Your Father in Heaven will be glorified. So, I ask You Lord Jesus because Your words do abide in me and I abide in You to heal my body of every disease, every infirmity, every inflammation, every affliction, every sickness of any kind so that I can bear much fruit and be Your disciple. To God be the glory, Amen. John 15:17