Am opening this week with one of my newest post on “how google feeds it employees” why i am actually writing this topic is due to so many people that are still wondering how Google feed it employees and still maintain constant work balance and payroll, Google been the biggest Search engine company with it Parent organisation Alphabet Inc has over 57,000 Employees and with that estimate count i still was surprised how Larry page and Sergey Brin was able to feed these loads of staffs and still maintain a permanent payroll, Now let check this out in the early days of Google with 19,000 employers google was maintaining a meal pack of over 40,000 meals each day and the Google kitchen was staffed with 675 workers and with rough balance calculation Google was spending $80Million Every year on Food, It may not be only Google company that take responsibilities in serving staffs and employers with foods there are many companies as well like Facebook, that feeds there staffs But Among All Google was awarded Best companies to work for in Forbes, Fortune and Glassdoor, Google was running a termount and in years till now Google expand it cafes to 185 globally and with that Google now serves over 108,000 meals each day, So this got a lot people wanting to know why would google spend this much on foods alone this are what we gathered following the interview on Forbes about google free meals to it staffs
SPEAKS: Foods are free in google this help us to build a profitable and permanent work balance as staffs and engineers won’t have to leave there desk for launch or breakfast not only that foods are free also games are available as well this help us build an engaging community at this point the idea is to create a self contained “ecosystem” that combines work with socializing and lifestyle, so one never has to step foot outside the office and that can be both productive and inspired.
Just in addition to the free meal Google provide to it staffs there are still other free things attached more like Laundry machines, playing games, body massage and lot more, So this are effective way to keep happiness and productivity in the company this also attract top talent to work for the company as well as customers are happy due to employees hard-work-, saving time of people leaving the campus, it also give the employees the time to be mentally focused and innovative, It help the employees save more on tax instead of foods or body treatment, So lets look at what Google employees feed on and see how delicious it looks


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