If there is one thing, I know and i love about Papa Oyedepo, is his mind blowing administrative skill and passion for the people of Africa, especially NIGERIA, where he came from, we have seen many great people, ministers of God, Wealthy Business Giants and Conglomerates who does not even care about the Country where they came from anymore, but Bishop Oyedepo is not like that, recently, he had a conversation with the Vice-President of Nigeria, in person of Prof Yemi Osinbajo, and one of the lines of the conversation as been posted below;


Nigeria as a Nation has built 4 refineries since independence. We should have had 50 running refineries by now.
‘If God permits, this ministry will effectively run the Nigerian economy without stress’

Dr David Oyedepo.


I personally say a big Amen, to that, I know what God as given us in this Commission, So i believe beyond all doubts, that it is possible and we can do it!

Glory to God, my Case is Different!