Praise the name of The Lord forever, amen!

Today I want emphasis o a very Vital and yet essential Topic, I have met quiet a number of Believers, all around the world and have seen and experience, quiet a lot of differences from them, this is not about race, ethnic or skin color, whatsoever, what i am talking about here is solely base on Christianity and what i have learn from these differences.

Now, some people consider Christianity as a Religion, because it as a lot to do with belief system and as long as people give themselves to certain believe and faith system, psychologically, it is bound to consider it as Religion, consdering the practices that are involved and all that.


I am talking about, people not getting the real picture of what Christ as done for them and after accepting Christ as their Lord and saviour, the endless possibilities that is available to them in Christ JESUS.

The truth is, when you got saved and becomes Born again by confessing and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you didn’t get saved just to make Heaven, yes, you are eligible for eternal life, but that is not the end, that is not all there is, to the salvation experience, a Life of God as been released into you, to the end that you begin to live and do things with the Mind of Christ, by which you will successfully live the way God as ordain and design you to live.

Remember The Bible says, God made man after his image and likeness, if Goat gives birth, the baby looks like Goat, so also, man is to look like God whom created him, but the sin of the first man adam, bring about the differences and gap, thank God for Jesus, he restored back into us the Life of God which SIN took away from us.

So that is why it is important for every man who truly wants to get back in touch with God to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour, he is the only true way back to the Father, That is why the Bible says, No man cometh to the Father, except by me (Jesus).

In the bid of thinking, all that Salvation offer is eternal life, making heaven and been rapturable, certain Christians have lived all their lives in serious Mediocrity, and this is a slap on redemption, this is not the true essence of The Salvation that we have received from the Father in HEAVEN, We must be driven by understanding.

The Bible says, something That i so much love, it says “ His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence, –  2 Peter 1:3  “.

So He didn’t give us the ability to live Righteous and Godly life alone, that bible says, he granted us all things, that pertains to “Life and Godliness“.

So as a Christian, I am eligible in Succeed and Excel in Life and Godliness, having things the way God as design them for me, breaking through on every side, having favor with men and with God.

Experience the manifestation of the power and Glory of God upon my life.

Let me share you an example of those who have mixed Mediocrity with their Christianity;

Certain folks, I met longtime, were into Business and they failed,

They invested so much and they could not amount for the profit and loss.

It was a wasted effort, money and resources and i feel for them, but instead of them to

Take some times out to check where the error came from, perhaps they have not mastered the industry well, and so on, they felt that, it is normal to fail in Business, it is not normal.

Now, I have also seen Christian Students and Spiritual Brethren in School back in the days, that were going down academically, they fail woefully and instead of them to sit up, read and prepare effectively for their exams, they keep reading the Bible all in the name of been Spiritual, and they are bankrupt in normal Life knowledge, it is not the Christian standard, The Bible says, be not slothful in Business, but be fervent in the Spirit, serving The Lord (  Romans 12:11  ).

Image result for fervent in the spirit serving the lord

So Christianity, does not raise slothful people, it rather raise people of great exploits, people to be reckon with, people with sound mind, people who are fervent in what they do, they operate with such a sophisticated state of mind, by the life of God that is at work inside of them.

You must not give excuses for your inability to succeed in whatsoever you are doing, for instance, The Bible made it clear the intent and thought f God towards them that believe, serve and follow the Lord, – Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth ( 3 John 2  ).

So God is not against your Prosperity, in body, soul and spirit, he wants you to know that he loves you and he delights in your well being and success.

I have also realize, that Mediocrity is part of the working of the spirit of darkness, it beclouds the mind of people and hinder them from ding exploits, but when you have the spirit of God inside of you, your exploits is guaranteed!

That is why it is of a necessity that every True Child of God should have the experienc of The Holyghost Baptism with the Evidence of Speaking in Tongues, at this stage, you can be so sure that the spirit of God is at work in you and you are eligible for great Exploits.

What Mediocrity do, is just to ensure you live below the God approved standard for your Life and Destiny, now there are gifting and Potential that as been embedded inside of us from our Heavenly Father, and they are only going to come out alive, when we dare to utilize them, God will not force them to come out, but when God give you two gifts and you utilize them judiciously, God himself will multiply your gifts and potentials.

We are here in order to make the world a better place, and this we accomplish by the help of the spirit of God and the ability of God inside of us.

Prayer : father, in the name of Jesus, I reject mediocrity and embrace Integrity as i journey with you on the earth.