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FEB Idahosa, shared some interesting fact about God’s servant, Benson Idahosa Ministry

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FEB Idahosa ( The first born of the Archbishop Benson Idahosa,) just shared some very interesting information about the Life of his Father, who happens to be a God’s general in NIGERIA and one of the Apostles of Word of Faith movement, who gave birth to most of the move of God we now experience in Nigeria today.

Read what he as to say about his father below;

He lived to do the work of his Father, which was to preach, teach, and heal.
Preach: He preached the Gospel in over 140 nations of the world.
He established almost 1000 churches in his life time, 95 of those in his city of Benin.
He changed Benin City from the “City of Blood” to the “City of God.”
Teach: He established All Nations For Christ Bible Institute, which has trained over 14,000 pastors and 65 current bishops.
Along with Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa (@margaretidahosa), they established Word Of Faith Schools, a K-12 institution with 98 schools in his lifetime (currently at 120+).
He purchased the property for Benson Idahosa University in 1978, 20 years before private universities were legalized in Nigeria. He launched it in 1994 as an Institute of Continuous Learning; it was licensed in 2002 and it remains one of Nigeria’s top 3 private universities.
Heal: He established Faith Mediplex Hospital in 1989, it is currently the top private hospital in Edo State and now has two branches, one in Abuja and one in Uyo.
I submit the above to you as the proper way to establish a legacy. God bless the memory of Archbishop B.A. Idahosa.
#IdahosaLegacy #WeRememberPapa

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  1. James

    March 12, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    PaPa he touched lives in so many ways. Growing up as a child “Redemption half hour” was a popular broadcast and i can still remember the Archbishop saying on the TV that ” Christains dont give their life to God every sunday” i used to come out in children church to give my life to God. I stopped a soon as i heard that as a young boy…Deep truth i heard that day
    chinelodillimonoYes! I was younger but I was a distant recipient of the grace!! He truly didn’t watch things happen! He made things happen. BLESSED LEGACY! Rest on Papa!

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