Spirit sensitivity is a not so much discussed topic in the church of today.

The line between the church and the world once bold has been blurred by man’s spiritual inactivity.
The church is so liberal today that a person who is spirit led is seen as being extreme or “holier-than-thou”.
It would appear the sheep’s are leading the shepherd.

Whatever the case, the idea of spiritual sensitivity is very vital to the Christian faith.

You cannot be inclined to serve a spirit God if there is no trust or means of communication. Every relationship between two parties requires communication; so it is with the spirit.
To get in touch there has to be a good spiritual connection not just a connection.

That is why Jesus said to the woman of Samaria ” the time has come that those who worship him will worship him in spirit and in truth” John 4:23.

Paul the apostle also recorded in his letter to the Roman church the importance of being spiritually sensitive. In his words “to be spiritually minded is life and peace” Romans 8:6.

From this we know spiritual sensitivity is an important factor in our quest to living a spirit led life.

I would like to point out however, that this is not spiritual discernment. Although dependent on each other but they both are different things: while spiritual discernment speaks of a man’s ability to rightly differentiate and interpret spiritual truths or see into the spirit realm and process spiritual data into useful information. Sensitivity goes a step further to say the degree of your receptive ability determines the level of spiritual insights you would get or be exposed to.
Although you have the gift of discernment and the spirit realm is Open to you, what you see is wholly reliant on your level spiritual sensitivity.
Take your mobile phone for instance, the level of network reception you receive is dependent on the level of your antenna’s receptive sensitivity level.

So it is in the spirit. You have to be sensitive to spiritual activities to be able to discern when the spirit of the lord is talking and when the devil is.

You can still have a wrong interpretation to the revelations of the spirit if you don’t have a spirit sensitive to spiritual truths.
To be led by the spirit of God, you need to be spiritually sensitive.

I believe now we have an idea of how it works.

What then do we say spiritual sensitivity is?. To a layman I would say spiritual sensitivity is man’s ability to be tuned to God’s frequency. I would go further to say it is the bluntness or sharpness of your awareness of spiritual activities around you.

Spiritual sensitivity is required to know when the spirit is communicating.
if we can be aware of how the spirit realm affects our physical senses, discernment will be the result. (Hebrews 5:14)

I pray the lord increase you in Jesus name.
Have a blessed day

  • Mr Oye