Apostle Arome OsayiEstablishing the Church in Present Truth Excerpts from Apostle Arome Osayi’s Sunday (4th February) morning meeting, “Thy Kingdom Come”, 2017 Missions Kongo campus ABU

There’s everything special about the Holy Ghost and if you intentionally engage Him you will break into power.

You can live this ordinary Christian life all your life but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s you God gave the responsibility to stir up the giftings.

In the life of John the Baptist you see that he actually looked like Elijah and operated precisely like him. John did no miracles so his witness was not complete and he never saw the dimensions of the power of Elijah.

He had the spirit of Elijah but did not operate in the power of Elijah.

He was an insufficient witness. I don’t believe that there is any territory that can refuse the gospel if there are accurate Christians that can bring witness. An insufficient witness cannot change a civilization .

In the book of Luke we see when the disciples asked if they should command fire like Elias.

They had the power of Elijah but not the spirit. Jesus queried the use of the power because it was inconsistent with the nature of God.

The commands of God is the nature of God. In dispensing the power of God we must do it with a functional understanding of the nature of God.

Jesus knows that the deficiency of humans is our limitation which is deliberately fashioned into our framework.

Our sufficiency and completeness is in the Holy Spirit.

Even if someone hates you, he will eventfully come to you if you have power.

You cannot be hidden if you have power.

Mortal men will seek you.

God gives you power so that you can be an attractive representative of the kingdom.

Any philosophy you sustain that shields you away from the place of prayer is the idol that will stop you from accessing God’s power.

Mortally is a curse.

To hear about God and to encounter him are two different things.

Without encounter there’s no power.

There are many ways to witness to people without talking.

Many people are sick.

A man that has not come to the end of himself cannot worship the Holy Spirit because that’s when he will see how incapacitated he is.

Prayerlessness is a sin.

Accept the sentence of a lifetime of prayer.”