Pastor (Dr) Paul Eneche of Dunamis Christian Center.

Praise God!


I have been longing to write about this great ministry with a blessed anointed man of God, Pastor Paul Eneche i have come to understand the fact that the mantle of God with great power and great grace  can actually tabernacle with us in a country, community, society and we will never know, based on our positioning, that will be the major determinant factor; i heard about pastor paul eneche for the first time last year February when a friend and I were discussing about great mantles like that of elijah, and some few that have tasted high level of power in ministry and apostolic calling, the likes of kenneth E Hagin, Apostle Babalola, were we thinking those power dimension as of old is no more existing in this time, but we were wrong! my friend cut in and said, have you heard of dunamis christian church?

Oh well, I said No!

Even he is not a member of the church, he began to tell me mighty things that God is doing in this blessed ministry, as usual i quickly went on google and youtube, search for any content and video on those keyword “paul eneche” and “dunamis” and one of the mind blowing ones that i saw was time, my father – Bishop David Oyedepo‘ was in Dunamis Kingdom Power and Glory 2014, and he anointed the man of God “pastor paul enenche” both him and his wife, they fell instantly!

Trust me, whosoever the likes of Fathers in faith “Bishop Oyedepo” anoints, his ministry can never go down, because these fathers are endowed with power and grace that makes them commanders in their generation.

But the time i eventually came to know so well about God’s servant Pastor Paul Eneche, was at Kingdom Power and Glory 2015!

I was privilege to watch the livestream broadcast at HWCC Under G (Pastor Tolu Agboola).

The first thing i noticed is a man f God with so much intimacy with the spirit of God, so anointed, and so prophetic, he operate diverse dimensions of the spirit and i am blessed by his ministration, i attended almost all the sessions of the kingdom power and glory 2015′ testimony was a done deal.

But you know what attracts my interest so much in this man?

  He is a worshipper!

 I mean a true worshipper. I love to call such minister ” Conveyors of the spirit” people that have mastered how to bring down the spirit and glory of God through songs, this is one of the secrets of David in the bible.

Diverse instant healing were talking place, cancer healed! so many pains gone! The lame walk, the blind receive their sight’ it makes me remember the days of the great Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory, the current day ministers are actually walking in the light of the shoes of these fathers.

  In the recently concluded Shiloh 2015, Pastor paul enenche was present all through the sessions and he identify as one of the humble and faithful sons of the prophet, these are men of great grace sent by God as a blessing to this generation, the only thing that baffles me is that, the carnality of this world most often closes the eyes of people from seeing their true sent prophet, some will even hate them and talk void about them, but it doesn’t change anything, because you can choose to hate them but you can’t hurt them, as a matter of fact, you can’t get close to them, because ‘prophets are spiritual territorial commanders’ 

I remember one of the most powerful words i heard from Pastor paul eneche, he said – ” I heard there will be a massive blood shed in this nation this december season, he said this will only happen if we are not in this nation! – Thats a word Orchestrated by Power, not just faith or declaration, its a prophetic profession that stands!

I Have embedded a video below for you  to watch and see the great move of God at Dunamis Christian Center abuja.

  Dr paul Eneche and his wife, Becky Eneche as blessed so many lives, spiritually, financially, materially and in many more ramifications, i have seen a man with such a great heart to see men set lose, he is always ready to pour out himself and die empty.
One of the humble and very good heart of pastor paul eneche is how much he want other ministers of the gospel around the world to do well and flourish; the major challenge to church in any society is the gate of hell and this requires a level of power and spiritual intensity to fight, conquer and overcome before church can flourish as expected, in miisters conference, pastor paul eneche as pray and bless many ministers and ministries in Nigeria and the are doing just pretty well.

We bless God for his life.

Now, to be sincere there is a lot to his life and ministry but am just going to touch this major few ones, because they are the works of God in dunamis, pastor paul eneche is a great word teacher, he teaches and lecture the word of God with so much wisdom and understanding, he is a good pastor indeed!

Hello Nigerians, africa and others that are reading this across, let us connect to higher grace and believe in higher mantles, these are the only way we cna maintain them to subsequent generation that is ahead, so all these beefing man of God, it won’t help you, i saw a lot of folks talk and wrtite so many things against pst paul, but it doesn’t matter, the church is moving on and the glory of God s made manifest.

So 2016 is almost here, get a spiritual father through which God will be reaching and blessing you, untill now have not been able to meet pastor paul eneche one on one but i have partake of his grace in diverse dimensions,  i bless God.

By the virtue of great men like these, the future of christianity is secured in Nigeria and sooner we will send the devil packing from this land because the move of revival as landed.

And men’s heart is panting after God.

I pray God will continue to use him to his glory and the uplift of the saints and the body of christ will never remain the same again in Jesus mighty name!!!