This is one of the best Sermons of the Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams that I have ever watched and listen to, you can not afford to be ignorant of the realities that was shared in this sermon, the encounter with both the word and prayer sessions, are life liberating, they are powerful and i have been changed just by this sermon, it changed my life, my faith, my belief system and a lot more are transformed.

Its a little more voluminous but it is worth every price you ave to pay to get, just your data, and you are on the way to a life transforming encounter by the power of God and his word, The Archbishop Duncan Williams is a praying man, he is a man of Prayer, he is worth listening to, when it comes to prayer and warfare.

There are some realities and Mysteries behind the Spirit of Elijah, and the man (Prophet) Elijah that we are not aware of, and they have been compiled and taught by God’s servant, in this sermon “The Spirit of Elijah“.



Download the sermon here.

One thing I can guarantee, is that, when you are done with this sermons and teachings, and you watch and listen and receive with an open heart, your life will never remain the same again.

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