Its painful and its awful, the Experience Nigerians had with MMM, It’s way terrible due to the fact that, It came when the Nation was experiencing a Recession and financial attack.

Since many people were greedy and they just want to get rich quick, without full understanding of the source from where, the money is coming, they blindly, signed up and invested their hard earn money.

Now, I did a research and find out that, the devil used MMM to devour people in various way, it was indeed a devourer, but many people did not take note of that in its early stage, The Bible says, ” The Blessings of God maketh rich and addeth no sorrow – Proverbs 10:22 “.

MMM was indeed a Ponzi Scheme, the media tried to fight it and keep people informed, warned and away from the program, but to no avail, youtube and many top blogs in Nigeria were filled with quality information on how terrible and gullible MMM is, and how most of the nations where they were in existence before coming to Nigeria shed tears at the end and loss more money to the scheme than they profited from it.

Contentment and Understanding is a major requirement when stuffs like this comes on the scene, its a pity, I see so many Christians and Believers who invested their money into MMM too and had serious loss and regret.

This is not the will of God for you, God wants to bless you with peace and abundance, he wants to bless the work of your hand and bring about a massive expansion for you and not a loss.

But as a Christian in Business, when you hear about this kind of get-rich-quick scheme and you are been persuaded on the left and right from various category of people to give it a try, what do you do ?

You inquire from the Spirit of God , this is where many Christian missed it and fail a victim of what others experience too.

It’s an investment with no future, no business or any form of establishment that buys and sells, its just run on the basis of anything goes, and it was said that people should only invest their spare money, but covetousness and greed won’t allow people to obey, now the latest report made it clear that 3million Nigerians lost 18Billion Naira to MMM.

This is a terrible experience for any nation in a season of Economic Recession, that amount could have been used to start up a Business Venture in Nigeria and make our nation a better place and strengthen the economy again.

There are a lot of various Business Models and Lucrative Ventures in Nigeria today, that can help you earn something good and tangible, and even add value to the economy of our nation, this is where you should invest your money, it is what the bible calls ” Good Works” So any other thing that contradicts good works, should not be your motivation, the persuasion and the pressure not withstanding, if you are not sure of where your money is going, what is been done with it and where the promised profit is coming from, then it is not worth giving a trial at all.

The story of this woman is perhaps, the third one i’d be reading about those who commit suicide because of MMM, when they realize their money is gone and they can’t help it but regret why they venture into the system in the first place.

This story was a lot more weird because it was just 3months to her wedding and the 750k which was meant for the wedding, as now been diverse into MMM, So she killed herself, having this kind of experience with a so-called ponzi scheme investment of get-rich-quick mavrodian is enough to proved that indeed MMM is from the pit of hell and it is indeed Demonic and we have to open our eyes rightly to behold and take note of this kind of devious means of getting money.

I believe majority of Nigerians have learn their lesson, the hard way, but my advice is that, even though CBN took the right step to warn people ahead, Nigerians should not be greedy, real wealth that last long are build on the basis and on the strength of good works and not corruption.

May the Lord grant you Understanding!