I need to make some things clear here, quickly; I got a message from a precious one, yesterday on my Whatsapp mobile, and it says, we should give in order to help people in recession, that things are hard and so many folks are going through so many challenges and hard time financially.

I agree and understand that this is true, and it is also good that if we have any thing we can use to help one way or the other, we should not hesitate, but my own question here, is this…

Is Giving the way out of Recession ?

Well, The Bible remains our standard and by it, our Faith can never be compromise, we see through Scriptures that anytime and every time, God establish a covenant, it is meant to rescue his own people from the hardship and difficulties of that time.

Sometimes also, God establishes Covenant, on the strength of a price been paid by a man, obedience to the laws of God or pleasing the Lord in one way or the other.

So, The only way to walk out of Recession without sweat and stress, is to walk in the reality of the Covenant, the word of God can not change, not even our economic experience will change the standard of God’s word, it can never change.

It remains ever true and real, forever!

So, we can not adjust the word to suit the presence situation, we rather, have to adjust ourselves and our lives to suit the standard of God’s word.

We are in the end time, and it is the glorification time of the church, and God’s people in Zion.

The hard time coming upon the earth is way massive than all this small small recession experience, we are having here and there.

A lot more is about to come, and only God’s people with the knowledge of the ways of God are bound to be exempted from the economic Holocaust that is coming.

Some one said to me, but all of us are not Christians nao,

Well, this is the time, when everyone needs to get saved and established in the house of the LORD, in order for them to blossom and flourish, because the Bible says, ” They that are planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish in the court of our God   –  Psalm 92:13 .

Heaven takes pleasure over one soul, that repents, so we must do that which pleases heaven on the Earth continually, this is the time for everyone to get to church and be established, if they must be really free from the hard times.

So, unbelievers will continue to experience the hardship of this season and it will biting so hard on them that there won’t be a way out, to the end that they will eventually trace their way to the house of the true and living God, by that time, they will be self convinced and willingly know/ fully persuaded, that the Lord our God is the true God.

As we Christians believers continue to walk with the Lord in Faith and truth, we will continue to break forth on every side, we’d be building even more houses and living fat and flourishing in accordance to the word of God and light of revelation which we access through scriptures, we can only meet the needs of people in one way or the other, the major needs and every needs of men are always met by God, not by another man.

So the way out of Recession is walking with God, accepting and believing in the Lord Jesus, giving your life to him and walking in the Covenant of Tithing, Offering, Giving to God and the cause of his kingdom, this is the way out of Recession, just like in the bible days, when there was scarcity in the land of Egypt and there was abundance in Goshen.

May God give you understanding in Jesus name!