Bishop Francis Wale Oke, president/founder of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries has urged Christians to stop criticising pastors who own private jets, describing jets as tools needed in evangelism.

Ministering at an Advanced Ministers’ Seminar at the National Stadium, Lagos with a theme; “Anointing for Destiny”, Bishop Oke said: “It is only in this part of the world that people make case out of pastors having jets.

In other places it is not so, because it is used for evangelism.

“Don’t join others in bringing other ministers of God down but rather go ahead and impart people’s lives because your own day is coming,” he said, saying that ignorance is the major problem that makes Christians poor.

According to him, all good things belong to the child of God and Christians are entitled to such benefits.

Bishop Oke, who is also the National vice president of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, in charge of South West, told the ministers of God that it is not a sin for one to get wealth as a Christian but it becomes sin when such a minister starts worshipping material things more than God who is the author of such blessing.

Quoting verses from the Holy Bible, Bishop Oke said poor living does not glorify the name of God, noting; “there is glorious destiny, glorious inheritance and glorious eternity in Christ Jesus.

“As a child of God you are not supposed to be poor, the only thing that makes a child of God poor is ignorance, money is not evil it is the love of money that is a sin,” he stated.

Bishop Oke intimated the ministers of God on the secrets of how to tap their inheritance from God, urging them to be heaven-conscious, adding that it is only a waste of destiny if one acquired all the good things of this world and lose his soul.

The Mission Director, Ikorodu Region of Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Pastor Paul Odejayi revealed that the ministerial seminar was launched over three years ago as a non-denominational programme with the vision of impacting ministers of God. [VN]