In this article, we will look into how he became an appreciated singer, his secrets.

This piece provides his biography – how a regular boy became a superstar. Frank Ugochukwu Edwards is one of the most popular gospel singers in Nigeria. Frank as he is mostly called was born on July 22, 1990 in Enugu state, Nigeria.

He comes from a family of seven; with four siblings. He became a blessing to the Christian world at a tender age as he is talented. He started practicing music at age 7 alongside taking of piano lessons. Who ever knew this would bring him onto the stage of superstars?

His acquired skills have allowed him to play on the largest stages in the country.

Mr. Edwards is a member of the Believers LoveWorld Inc. popular known as Christ’s Embassy in which the leader of the Church is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Frank Edwards is the pianist of the church and they play a crucial role in building his career. He refers well to Pastor Chris as his teacher and mentor, who taught him music.

The Christ Embassy inspired his songs as he never dreamt of becoming a singer. His childhood dream was to become a pilot. His pastor sang songs which he liked the way he did and so he tried becoming like him and it worked out extremely well. Some said, he wouldn’t have been popular without the influence of Pastor Chris but would have with or without Pastor Chris’ support if God was involved.

When he recorded his first album, which he did for himself, he had never stood in front of the crowd before the record. His first album accidentally came into the office of the pastor and from that day, the life of the young boy changed.

He later on worked with the likes of Samsong, Sinach and Buchi.

In recent years, he has had lots of collaborations with several gospel artists apart from the aforementioned which are his church members.

He did some mix (an album) of recent with Don Moen; an elite gospel singer who lives abroad.

An album of over five songs, some of which are titled, “You Alone, Changing Lives, Fill Your Love, Grateful, Hallelujah, Ka Anyi Buli and Eze Ndi Eze.”


He became exposed for the first time when he was dating a 19-year-old girl named Chisom in the US.

But broke up in the year 2012 and ever since then, his personal life as not been discussed in the media.

He is currently single but seems like he is dating the popular pastor’s first daughter as the Blackbox Nigeria published reports about a romantic relationship between him and Sharon Oyakhilome.

Though not confirmed by the couple but they also did not deny being in a relationship as it continued to spread across the country.

They were spotted together in different locations last year.

Mr. Frank’s debut album came up in the year 2008 and was called the Definition which consisted of fourteen tracks, distributed by Honesty Music. Later, he released several other albums, like “Angels on the Runaway” in 2010 and “Unlimited” in 2011.

He also has a music label known as “RockTown”.

Believers can’t help but love his songs, like You too dey bless me, Ommema O, Mma Mma, Welcome to Zion etc. His songs have become popular and his third and fourth albums were an acclaimed success in the industry.

His albums couldn’t stall for long as his fame only doubled after the NEA awards in 2009 and that was a path to stardom.

There are other songs he produced as the years went buy from 2010 – 2015. Songs like Beautiful (2010), You Too Dey Bless Me ft. TB1 (2010), Oya (2011), Oghene Doh (2012), This Love (2011), Okaka(2014), Hallelujah (2014) and Onye (2015) etc.

The songs got him several awards, like Best Gospel Rock Artiste and West Africa Best Male Vocalist in 2012.

He hit a record by getting nominated thrice and swept all at the Nigeria Gospel Music Awards 2012.

He was nominated as The Male Artist of the Year, The Song of the Year and The Best Male Vocal.

Finally, his talent was first noticed by his pastor who helped him nurture it but it was God who blessed him with it. His biography has proved that with hard labor and faith, hopes will be awarded.