King James Bible
For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness.
New American Standard Bible(©1995)
For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.
Masturbation is the act of arousing yourself sexually until you achieve sexual orgasm, and in men, it culminates in spilling the semen. Masturbation can either be by self, or involved another person of same sex most often.
Several years ago, a middle age woman who was a member of my local church confided in me that she masturbates and sees nothing wrong with this.
She was separated from her husband and she believed that masturbation was the most appropriate means of relieving her sexual urges instead of indulging in fornication. She told me that ‘wasn’t it better she masturbates than indulging in illicit sex?’ She also requested me to show her biblical verses that condemn the act of masturbation.
Several people like this woman indulge in masturbation; in some cases it becomes addictive that it becomes a passion like taking cigarettes. While some people masturbates in the secrets of there rooms, others have turned it into a game. Masturbation is now a common sight in several romance chat rooms.
But the big question remains: Is masturbation an immoral act? What does the Bible say about it? The answer I gave the woman above was that the Bible does not clearly mention or condemn ‘masturbation’ is, but this does not justify it.
I told her that that fact that she is separated from her husband is not any excuse for her to indulge in masturbation. What the Bible preaches is self control, therefore it is either she is reconciled to her husband or she exercises self control over her sexual urges.
Over the years since my discussion with this woman, I have come to empathize with her. It is quite normal for adult especially some one that was once involved in an active sexual relationship to have strong sexual desires.
An attempt to meet these sexual desires when you are distanced from your spouse often leads to masturbation. Of course there are also unmarried youths (who are supposed to be still chaste and virgins) that are involved in masturbation.
For the married, the key word we need to consider is ‘self control’. Masturbation may not be expressly described as a sin in the Bible, but it portrays our inability to control our bodily passions, whereas God expects us to have self control. More so, masturbation is an act of uncleanness, which will defile our bodies the temple of God.
How can you stop masturbating? My recommendation is by self will. God has given every one the self will to decide on what to do. No matter how hard pressed you are sexually, you still have an inner will to control your sexual desire if not now but the next. So if you desire to stop masturbating, then you have to develop an inner will.
I must confess that I have also been tempted to masturbate several times when away from my wife. How do I overcome this desire? First, I admit to myself that sex is a natural desire, but I tell myself that it is better to satisfy myself sexually with my wife.
I indulge in spiritual exercises like fasting and praying in the spirit to uplift my spirit mind, and cut off bodily desires. I always notice that anytime I am high in the spirit I do not have the feeling to masturbate. But once my prayer or fasting life is down, and then the urge and feeling