This testimony was extracted from the sermon of the Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams, – Night of Impartation service it was such a strong and loaded sermon series, you really need to watch it, you can download it here.

This testimony of the archbishop will teach you how to deal with the issues of life with wisdom and divine intelligence and how to approach issues with an eyes of spiritual understanding.

The Testimony goes thus;

I have seen God work in differ ways in my years of ministry and walking with God, but i have come to realize some times just before the major move of God, I experience some depression and sometimes it like a cloud of darkness that wants to come upon me, but i have been there several times, i believe this must be one of the reasons why the bible speaking in – Jude 1: 20 – Beloveth, building up yourself in thy most holy faith by praying in Tongues.

I remember one year, I was in Manchester and it was so bad that I don’t want to leave my hotel to go and preach,some of the people have poisoned the brethren against me, and i was so sensitive so i can feel it.

So i wanted someone to go and preach for me, i just don’t want go!

But i had to rarely work upon myself and go out, when i took the microphone and began to pray in other tongues, something came upon me and the Lion in me began to roar and i was free, the burden and pain and heaviness were lifted off me.

I remember when I was invited by Bishop T.D Jakes to come and dedicate the potter’s house, before i was ask to dedicate the potters house, i went to this ministerial conference and there was all this guy from all over the world, and because of what i was going through i was despise, and then i saw this young minister that i have trained (he was my son inn faith) and he was sitting at the head table and i was trying to reach him and he won’t just look at my side, and when i entered i was told – We are sorry, we have no space for you here.

When i got to my hotel more than 20 floor above the ground level, a thought came to my mind – Just open the window and jump out and end it all – You people of God don’t know how the enemy works, that is why the bible says we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices less he gain advantage over us, just while i was still yet thinking, the phone rang and i was told Bishop Jakes wants to see me, and he told me he wants me to come back and dedicate the potter’s house, and after i finish dedicating the potter’s house, the glory of the lord filled the atmosphere and that was what gave me an exposure in america, and the prayer was 7mins.

And every Pastors and bishops present that day at the potter’s house were calling me – we want you to just step foot on our company, come to our church, don’t preach just pray like you prayed at the potter’s house and we will give you a 1st class ticket, five star hotel, a good love offering. 

Just come and pray!

But before that moment, i was down to the point of throwing into the towel, 

Please share this powerful testimony with your friends and let them learn how to handle and deal with the devices of the enemy in their christian race and journey of Life.