The Truth is, Hate this man or like him, it makes no difference, the Truth is, he’s a man of God with a heart for the people of God.

I truly love what he does, he as been an answer to the prayer of many people, and i also believe, what he is doing is what Those with Big Big Churches in Nigeria should be doing, how do i mean?

There are many folks out there today, that are going to Big Churches that doesn’t cater for thei needs. they are so broke, they are Jobless, yet their church is Big and financially bouyant, but they don’t deem it fit to help committed members and Workers especially, they just observe the spiritual duty and that is the end, this is not fair.

But in the case of Apostle Suleman, he’s a Blessed man, he is anointed and he as deem it fit to make himself a Blessing to many people!

In This Video, he placed a woman in their church, who happens to be 73years Old on a Monthly salary of #50,000.

This is a woman, that earns 5 to 10,000 monthly by selling firewood, as old as she is, life is beating hard on her, but thanks to God for his servant, who came as a rescue agent and not just a Pastor.

Watch The Video Below;


May God continue to bless his servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman, the more in Jesus name!

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