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Apostle Johnson Suleman & Wife, Lizzy Loved Up Like Never Before In New Photos

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In the mood of his birthday celebration,Apostle Suleman and his wife Lizzy are loved up in these new photos.
Don’t think they are bothered by the messy trending sex scandal, they are too busy to be bothered.

The best way to handle criticism and scandals in a country like Nigeria is to let go, ignore and overlook.

Thank God, Apostle eventually laughed, check out the pictures below and see him smiling loud..


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  1. mark

    March 27, 2017 at 5:27 am

    Apostle Suleman, the man wey sabi. Quickly he don call the Ogbanje reporter ” Sahara Reporter ” dey don settle offline now my Apostle dey enjoy with madam G.O.

    Nobody is a saint, but when dey catch you no form gra-gra like someone looking for 5 Billion naira

    Long live Apostle

    Fire on Sahara Reporter, continue to expose them all. From the presidency to the council chairman.

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