This is one of the mind blowing miracles, i have seen in recent time, i was so shocked, because l was watching the program that very night.

I have always know that Apostle Johnson Suleman is a True Apostle and Prophet, he operates the Prophetic sweatlessly, as though he is drinking water, the discernment and accuracy and indeed amazing, so as usual, this particular night vigil, i was watching their program and they were worshiping God, with loud voice of triumph, the church sang so many songs of Worship that was led by God’s servant himself, it was really a great moment actually.

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The Worship was deep and the intensity of the Spirit in their midst was strong, i was really blessed, i was enjoying it, was though l was inside the church auditorium, even though l was only watching the program online with my Laptop, my heart was so connected, and i could feel the touch of God upon me.

Not long after that worship session, God’s servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman, begin to prophecy, and he called many issues and addresses many cases and situations of People, ministered to them and they were blessed.

But the astonishing miracle that happened that night was that, just after a short while;

Daddy said, there is a man watching him from Kaduna,

and his wife is blind, the wife is inside the room sleeping’

while that man is watching CelebrationTV inside the parlor,

The man of God said, he should lay his hands on the T.V and

go and lay that hand on his wife, that she will receive her sight.

Now, i know God can do miracles, and i know he can restore a blind

eyes, but i have not seen or heard it happened in this fashion before,

a short while after, a call came him from Kaduna and it was the man,

he said, he did just as instructed, lo and behold, the wife that was blind received her sight.

This can only be God!

Jesus christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, the world we are in, is filled with the inhabitant of evil and wickedness, one of the ways by which we have dominion and victory, the way we want them is by The Anointing!

For instance, this kind of miracle took place because of the anointed man of God filled with the Empowerment of The Holyghost!

That day, i really honor the grace of God at work in the life of the man of God and i know that indeed and of a truth, God is working mighty wonders at Omega fire ministries!

It is yet one of the churches in Nigeria right now that are truly hosting the Revival and move of God, and we all can testify to the fact that, right now Our Nation Nigeria, is at a stage when it needs the intervention of God than ever before, this nation can no longer be inhabited by the ordinary people, you must be filled with the glory of God to dwell and have your own place in the Nigeria of today.

I really bless God for that practical miracle, that happened that night, indeed in the realm of the spirit, there is no barrier, right from auchi, the hand of God moved and went to Kaduna and worked a miracle!

This God is amazing and i know as the people of God (Zion) continually give themselves to praying, dominion and power will be release from heaven and even the aso rock and other headquarters of this nation will be subdue under the move of the Power and the spirit of God.

God Bless Nigeria.

God bless Auchi’

God bless Omega Fire Ministries

God bless Apostle Johnson Suleman.