AMAZING : Living Faith Church’s ‘Faith Tabernacle’ becomes largest weekly (sunday) church congregation on earth.

*Faith Theatre to have 100,000 capacity within and 100,000 capacity overflow outside.
*Faith Theatre to start with a minimum of 3 services. (600,000 expected on Sundays for starters)
*Underground train to be built within Canaanland to service Faith Theatre.
*Target according to Power House Vision of April 10, 1982 is 1 million worshippers in Canaanland on sundays.

The 35 year Story of Increase

May 1 and 2 1981-The Liberation Mandate delivered.
October 1982-The name ‘Living Faith Church‘ revealed.
September 17, 1983-The commissioning service by Pastor Adeboye.
December 11, 1983-First church service-4 members.
March 1984- 21 total members .
July 1984-90 total members.
December 1984-154 total members.

April 1987-Church opens 5 branches.
July 1989-Church opens in Lagos.
July 1989-The name ‘Winners’ Chapel‘ revealed.
1993-3,000 members in Lagos (Headquarters)
1994-10,000 (Lagos)
1995-Church spreads to African countries.
1995-19,000 (Lagos)
1996-29,000 (Lagos)
1997-35,000 (Lagos)
1998-41,000 (Lagos)
1999-50,000 (Lagos)

Sept 1999-Church moves to Canaanland, Ota
2000-80,000 (Ota)
2009-2nd service begins in Ota

2009-700 branches worldwide.
2010-1,700 branches worldwide.
2011-3rd service commences(Ota)
2011-3,200 branches worldwide.

2012-5,700 branches in 60 countries worldwide.
2012-15,000 cars counted in Church on sundays.
2013-4th service commences
2013-over 6,000 branches in 60 countries.
2013-over 2,000 zones (Wednesday churches) in Lagos.

May 2015-Operation Wonder Double!
2015-5th service commences
2015-300,000 (Ota)
Oct 2015-37,000 cars counted in Church on sundays.
2015-Overflow capacity for 52,000 capacity completed.
Dec 2015-170 countries participate in online services at Faith Tabernacle.

2016-400,000 people on Sunday (Ota)

And the Word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem Greatly; and a great number of the priests were obedient to the faith. (Acts 6:7)