The Agony of my Alma-mata

Deep inside of me has been the question of where did we get it wrong?

The Government;

LAUTECH, one of the few institutions visited by Buhari, Tinubu and others before general elections.

Aside from having a parasitic political Jagaban who has no value for education and future of the youths as chancellor who came alongside with the President Buhari, the vicious two owner state Governors and numerous APC Chieftains to bunco the thirty-eight thousands students with pseudo promises and bunkum against PDP before 2015 general elections.

We are aware that President Buhari is suffering from malleus and auricle organ but how come Asiwaju Tinubu and others suddenly became deaf too. The whole predicaments started when they submerged the institution.
It is also sadistic Tinubu as the Chancellor of the school has no erection of a single brick, a donation of a single book to the library nor financial assistance to the school till date, Tinubu is indeed a Jagaban.

The Alumni Association;

What a dormant association ever seen under the watch of Mr. Jide Bewaji as President, sometimes I ask, is it the workaholic nature of his job as banker?

The answer is no because what is what doing is what doing well.
The Alumni association who has the president as regional manager of a fast growing bank, general secretary as the staff of LAUTECH, the treasurer as senior lecturer in LAUTECH among others but have never recorded any success in term of the institution stability and defence for students’ right from the inception of their regime but never seize to collect alumni dues from the graduating students.
The next congress in osun state a benefit of doubt, nevertheless, the next alumni election must have a different phase by thinking well of our undergraduates before ourselves when electing leaders.

The Undergraduate politics; the blame for all

At a point in time, no matter how far we may have struggled well, we may never attain success, at that point in time, we must be extraordinary careful because a minute mistake can metamorphose into a life time retrogression. What matter most in life is not success but how far we have struggled well – Awolowo

It is sinister and disastrous that some of us materialized the mute of the students’ union by the authority, what a medium that would have fast tracked the agitation through the necessary channels we annihilated and vilified via egoism but posterity will justify.

On the lips of our recent graduates to the undergraduates is to organise a replica of unforgettable protest led by Adeniji Idowu as the students’ union president. The protest which the fear of tear gas fell the then Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nasir into the gutter right beside me but do you think such could have been done without a substantial union?

Conclusively, I must indeed commend the students’ leaders, comrades and students at large for the valiancy exhibited in the last demonstration.
More power, keep it up, Victory is certain.

Viva Aluta
Dr. Young