I have wanted to write n this long before now, but thank God i was able to get around here to write it, i am very surely you are really going to be bless by this!

The Promise of God is to bless you both when you are single and when you have eventually married, it is even going to be on the increase now that you are not alone, for one shall chase a 1,000 two shall chase 10,000.

You can see that marriage is God’s system of bringing you into a state of ever triumphant and victory.

But then, there are certain things you must do to provoke the blessings of God in your direction, those are the things i will be sharing in this article.

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Love and Fear God, walk in Love among each others, but to make the word of God become a fulfillment in your life, then you must be a Giver! To what length can you give all that God has instructed you?

Our giving is always powered by two things, and that is our Love for God and our obedience to his word.  Experiencing Abundance, Increase and divine supply in Life is good and it is everyone’s desire and do you even know that it is God’s agenda for you to be bless and experience Increase on every side. (  3 John 1:2  )

You must keep all his commandments and laws of Tithing and Offering, but then it comes to giving, there is an  how’ to go about it, i’d be sharing about it below;

  1. Give to God : This is ultimate and undeniable, you just have to always give to the lord your God, this is not negotiable, it is very important, it is the concept of obeying and doing that of God first. When you obey and make God first in your home, he will always come true at every point in time when you need him.  So How do you give to God?  by Faithfulness and consistency in Offerings and Tithe, you must be consistent in paying this kingdom financial commitment, it is the only way to cause abundance to flow in your direction, God promises to rebuke devourers for your sake and pour you  an order of blessing to the end that there won’t be room to contain it, this is how we provoke supernatural supply and divine abundance in our direction. Apart from Tithing and offering, you must also give to the works of the kingdom advancement, soul winning, expansion of the church of Jesus and what i call a special seed, now not everybody does this, but do you know there are people whom God visits specially? They are the ones that give unto God a special seed, Solomon, David, Abraham were found in this category, you too can, package a special seed just to give unto God, you are not trying to buy the blessings and visitation of God with your money, you are just expressing your heart of Love to him and you can be sure, he will visit you because you love him and you have honor by proving your Love through Giving.
  2. Give to the Poor : Now i need you to know that giving to the poor is Scriptural, and God is a rewarder, when you find it important and necessary to give to others and meet their needs, God will also come in and have his way in your life and meet your needs as well. It is God’s system of operation. The Bible says; He that gives unto the poor lends unto the LORD, and he will give him his reward. – Proverb 19 : 17. The truth, as much sa prayers invoke the hands of God and his visitations, our giving unto God also provokes divine visitation this was exactly the case of a generous man called Cornelius in the Bible.
  3. Give to your Parents : I have shared many time on this Blog, that Parental Blessing grants access to greatness and sweatless breakthrough, there is a blessing waiting for you in the mouth of your parents, you must choose to bless them periodically as the Lord empowers you to. We have a covenant responsibility in GOD to give to our parents and be a blessing unto them, they powered your coming into this world so now that you are settled and bless, you can not afford to neglect them, doing this can bring the curse of God upon you, as God is blessing you, your parents must feel it first and then, you will discover that the blessings will never ever run dry that way.
  4. Give to Ministers of God : Since the two of you, are now One! You must continually be a blessing to the sources of God that you partake and receive blessings and good will from. Your pastors don’t need your blessings and money, God is there to do that 100% for him, but it is for your own good, when you choose to bless them, God is glorified in so doing and you will see God’s blessing in your life like never before. I pray for you today that the grace to live your life in such a way that God will be pleased with you and your family, receive it in Jesus mighty name! Amen.

The Lord bless you and keep you, cause his face to shine upon you, be merciful and gracious unto you even as you choose to live by the truth and standard of God’s word that you just read.

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