One of the prominent subjects of this year is the state of the dollar against our beloved naira. 

The skyrocketed exchange rate of dollar to naira is really causing alot of mishaps especially in the economic state of our country, Nigeria.

Dollar is a universal currency as it is generally accepted for exchange of goods and services across the world.

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Dollar dominates the international market, and has significant effects on the world economy, either positive or negative.

Nigeria experienced the negative side as the prices of all commodities grew up tremendously; inflation at its peak. 

Everyone in the country both the citizens and expatriates felt the stress of the economic blow.

Dollar rate to naira has been fluctuating since earlier this year, the initial exchange rate was around #150 to #180 but now the story has changed, dollar now sells at #485 and you can buy at #480.

This has affected a lot of economic activities in the country, the inflation rate is presently 18.3% starting from October. 

The shortage of dollar has made us face the economic hardship. 

Our government are trying their best possible to curb the situation. 

One of the measures implemented to palliate the high inflation rate as a result of the huge difference between dollar and naira is the reduction of importation and encouraging exportation. 

Also, the current campaign of “buy naija to grow the naira” is another means aimed at making the Naira more stronger and valuable.

The Latest price of Dollar, as at today 22-03-2017 can be found below;


Since, there as been massive fluctuation in the Dollar to NAIRA Rate, I have chosen to be updating this page, daily as it changes, as at today, ” 25-March-2017, Dollar was exchanged for N380, That means, 380/$1.

Friends, as usual, I have come to update this information again today as we are progressing in the Dollar to NAIRA Exchange Rate Information, Today’s Date is “ 28-03-2017 ” and the Dollar exchange at N360/$1.

To me, this is one of the greatest shock so far, can you imagine what i saw today with my own eyes, Today’s Date is;

31st, March 2017 and the exchange rate of Dollar is N306/$1 as seen below;


This is getting really serious!

What do you think about this?

As at today, 17- May 2017, Dollar sells for 410.

As at July 17 2017, The normal Bank Exchange Rate is;


While Aboki Exchange Rate = N367/$1

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