Neymar has recently taken the footballing world by storm and has fans all over the globe. Due to his skill on the pitch and team mentality, he is set to be one of the best footballers that the world has ever seen. Take a look at the infographic created by the team at Betting Sites and find out some of the best facts about the extremely talented player!

If you can’t wait to see what the infographic has to offer, then you can find 6 of the very juiciest facts below!

Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian forward Neymar greets the audience as he arrives on the pitch for the French L1 football match Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) vs En Avant Guingamp (EAG) at the Roudourou stadium in Guingamp on August 13, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / FRED TANNEAU (Photo credit should read FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

1. Skills – When it comes to Neymar’s skill set, he is pretty set all around. Both his passing and dribbling skills are very strong, the thing that lets him down slightly is his defensive contribution which could do with a little work.

2. Awards– Throughout his time on the field, Neymar has won a number of awards. In 2010 he won the South American Youth Championship Top Scorer, in 2011 the Copa Do Brasil Top Scorer and in 2014 won the UEFA Champions League Top Scorer to name just a few!

3. Social Media– Neymar is a big hit when it comes to social media. On Instagram, he has over 81.5 million followers, 60.8 million fans on Facebook and 32.5 million followers on Twitter. His fans come from all over the world, with the top three countries being Brazil, Mexico, and India.

4. Brands– Neymar deals with many brands including Nike, Gaga Milano, Replay Jeans, Panasonic, Gillette, Red Bull, Beats by Dre and various others. As well as his income playing football, he also gets a lot of money from endorsing these brands, around $22 million.

Nike alone pays Neymar $8 million every single year.

5. Fatherhood– At the young age of just 19, Neymar becomes a father, and called his child Davvi Luca. The mother of the child was kept private in order to protect her and their child. His son was born in a hospital in Sao Paulo, and it wasn’t long before the star came clean and revealed that the mother of his son was Carolina Nogueira Dantas, Neymar’s ex-girlfriend, and Davvi has his time split between the two of them.

6. Marketing– SportsPro magazine has been named the most marketable athlete in the world, even more so than some of the world’s most favorite athletes like Messi and Usain Bolt.

He is so successful when it comes to selling products he is repeatedly plastered on magazines and TV ads since his football career began he has marketed over a dozen products. His face has even been seen on the Brazilian Vogue magazine!

The player has taken the world by storm and still has so much to give.

In his short career, he has achieved so much more than many, both on the field and through his affiliation with a huge range of brands.

He also has a great relationship with his son Davvi, off the pitch.