Indeed, God as sent him for the liberation of man kind in this journey, there as been so many proofs to show that is true.

He is such a man of God with so much dignify wisdom and distinctive insight, a man so GOD FEARING and so desiring that his sheep flourish, prosper, blossom, serve and love God and breakthrough every form of challenges in their lives, there are many secrets that i call  “Divine secret” that as kept Bishop David Oyedepo on and on for the lord, and they are just two;

1. Kingdom Advancement (Expansion of God’s kingdom one earth)

2. Better Life For Humanity

peradventure you don’t even seems to know who he is; you can read more about his life, ministry, biography here.

There so much to be said about Bishop Oyedepo,
Today I have choosen to upload 5 of my  favourite Bishop’s photos on this bLOG!

As a way of celebrating him.


Bishop as White as Angel


Bishop Coming Down From Private Jet


Bishop having a good time with loved one at Lodge


Bishop Praying in Tongues


Bishop and Mummy Faith Oyedepo
Bishop Throwback and Transformed by Faith Picture
Bishop and His Wife


Bishop and The Entire Oyedepo Family
Bishop Young days of been “Brother Oyedepo”
Bishop in Office Sharing The Word of Faith
Bishop’s early days in marriage
Bishop quietly meditating
Bishop giving a strong important Instruction by Wisdom
Bishop blessing the lord in Worship
Bishop Practically Dancing unto the Maker of Heaven and Earth Who as Brought him this far in Life and Destiny
Bishop Releasing Fire Through the spoken word at Shiloh 2015!!
Bishop Ministering in America

I really bless the lord for the life of his servant and i ask God to increase him in grace and power and impact, just the man after God’s own heart as declare (Pastor E.A Adeboye) during Winner’s 35th year anniversary that Papa (Bishop Oyedepo) as not seen anything yet in his ministry, i pray and i believe that as we journey the liberation mandate there will be more testimony to the glory of God through the life of this great God’s vessel and General of Faith.

Share with friends and let me hear your good will and wishes for papa as we celebrate a man of great impact in the faith and for humanity.