If i would be permitted, i would have rather love to say, “5 Reasons why I personally love to listen to Sermons and Bible Teachings of Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Christian Center, there is a lot to this man of God and i am ready an willing to promote and publish about him and the wonders of God in his ministry to the ends of the earth.

When Archbishop Benson Idahosa was alive, so many captive and oppressed Christians would have encounter God through this man and be liberated and set free, but the problem is, any of them were busy criticizing God’s servant, some were not even aware of him, and by such, they missed out of the anointing, the miss out of unction and great grace that, is upon the lie of God’s Servant, Idahosa, its a the strategy of the devil and i will not allow that to happen to this generation, Daddy’s Paul sermons are all over the internet, the church networks are across the nation with the Headquarters located in Abuja, there is so much to learn and receive from God through this anointed vessel.

That is why i am taking time to write this article right now.

Have you heard about this man of God before?

Do you Dunamis International Christian Center Abuja?

Do you know God is doing wonders there?

Do you know your life can be transformed by the power of God’s word through his servant?

Do you know our dear country Nigeria and the continent of Africa is currently undergoing a true revival of the Spirit?

And people are really getting serious and crazy about God and his kingdom?

Do you know Dunamis runs 6 Services every Sunday, with over 6 different overflows filled with people coming to learn at the feet of Jesus?

It is dangerous not to be aware of the move of God that is currently happening in our Nation right now, get informed, get connected, get established, get liberated and be transformed.

God does not change or touch the nation, he touches the people, and they can now go and transform their nation.

Why You Should listen to Daddy’s Sermons, Teachings, Messages and attend their Services 

1, He’s a Charismatic Preacher : Daddy Paul Enenche is a charismatic preacher, he preaches with so much confidence and life by the time you are done listening, your heart will be panting after the Living God.

His sermons really have the power to change and transform your life, reorient and reconfigure your entire believe system to the appropriate Bible based standard for this time and season.

When you see pastor paul enenche ministering, then you know, you have seen a man who truly knows what he is saying, you will know you have seen a man who truly have a walk with God, the working of the spirit of God in the life of daddy is a practical prove of his intimacy with the Holy Spirit, for more assurance of what am saying, Watch this Short video of Daddy’s ministration below;

2, He’s an Anointed man of God : AT least, if you truly watched the Video above, then you will know that what am saying is TRUE! You can receive the anointing upon his Life.

And the Bible says, “By The Anointing, Yokes are broken – Isaiah 10:27 “. So encounter with an anointed man of God can put an end to that longtime battle and confrontations, one of the reasons why i so much believe in Nigeria and in the destiny of this nations, is because of the presence of anointed men, the anointing they carry, use to liberate and impact their world, it puts them in charge and in control.

Now, i would to also say, do you know just by listening and following with an open heart, you can receive the anointing of the spirit from the life of daddy?

This as happened to me, countless time, that he will be ministering and sometimes am even watching from another state far away, with an open heart, and with Faith, and i’d feel the anointing coming upon me afresh.

The Bible says, “Freely have ye receive, freely give – Matthew 10:8 “, So the anointing can come upon you too, if you heart is open enough to receive it.

3, The word Comes expressly with Power : Yes! The depth of Revelation of God’s servant is so strong, is so intense, i mean, its mind blowing, the release from heaven is so dangerous, you can’t believe it, untill you listen to it, let me share with you, another video to prove this is true,

This is exactly what happens when it is truly the word of God, the word of God are bound to come with truth and power, they brings an end to affliction and oppression, they pull the enemy back, they set the captives free, they communicate healing virtues.

The word of God does signs and wonders in Dunamis Church, i just can’t over emphasize this reality.

4, The Intensity of The Spirit : If there is one thing, i will know Dunamis for, it is the “Intensity of the Spirit and Power manifestation”.  The Power of God is residue in Dunamis, even right from the ministration of the choir, you can feel the intensity of the Spirit already, and since last year, every songs that the choir ministers on Sunday are songs composed and received by Pastor Paul Enenche.

They are spirit filled and live transforming songs, they are really songs from the throne of heaven, which i believe majorly contributes to the intensity of the spirit of God in that atmosphere.

5, Instant Miracle and Faith : If you are a Christian and you don’t believe in Miracles, signs and wonders?

The incredible things that the power of God can do, i think you really need to attend any of the Ministers Conference in Dunamis or the November Kingdom, Power and Glory Convention, it will help you know and see that miracles, and the power of God is real.

I remember the last year, Dunamis Kingdom Power and Glory, when God’s servant, said on the altar, “Your Leg are there for your to dance and praise God“, there was a man in the congregation that can not walk, as he heard that word from God’s servant, strength came upon him and he began to walk and not just walk, but dance, another time to, when daddy was praying in Tongues, certain people had demonic incisions on their body and the physical symbols of those incision on their body apparently disappear instantly right there inside the church, this is amazing miracles, happening that are indeed supernatural, beyond the wisdom and power of any man.

There was so many records of dead coming back to LIFE, there was a time last year, when a dead man was laid on the altar in Dunamis Church (not even the headquarter, just one of the church network around the country) the power of God came upon him and he jack back to Life.

Daddy Paul enenche, has an Apostolic and Prophetic Mantle, and that is the reason for the unending miracles, Signs and Wonders happening in the ministry today.

You really need to get down on Youtube and listen to any of Daddy’s sermon, this is very important for your spiritual growth, and for life and destiny transformation.


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