Wisdom is profitable to direct, those that increases in wisdom and knowledge are actually the ones that runs territory where the eagles fly.

Having knowledge of expectation and how to go about it can help you attain your desire goal at the right time, one of the most expensive currency in Life is “Time” and that is why we mustn’t joke with our time, because it is our life and its all we have gat, people that have no plan for tomorrow don’t experience a better future, they takes whatsoever comes their way but people of destiny and vision-driven are always purposeful in all their ways.

The Age 30′ is a great age and it can be a mile stone of great accomplishment only if you position yourself ambitiously to prepare and work towards your goal in that age.

So today, I present you – 22 Things You Must Do Before the Age 30′

Greatness is a price and if you can pay the price, you can have it!

1. You must have daily and weekly or annual plans – be purposeful, be directive, have a goal on your mind, don’t live a life of striving to survive but a life driven by a vision and goal.

2. Discover Yourself and Your Gift, there are great potentials within you that the world and your generation are waiting for, don’t just sit there and live for survival, discover those gift things, explore and sharpen them.

3. Put your gift things to use, especially to solve other people’s problem, don’t be too stiff necked, be loyal and generous’ always have people at the back of your mind, be a problem solver and a solution provider.

4. You must know and understand the meaning of – LOVE

5. You must have learnt to propose to a lady (close-marking)

6.  You must have read at least 30 books, on life, goals, living with a vision and purpose and also in your field of expertise maybe academic wise or career and skill.

7. You must have a Pastor’ this is so important, human being are spirit being, the more you neglect the spiritual aspect of your living and existence, the more vulnerable you become, you must have a pastor who mentor and feed your spirit man.

8. You should  be known for something’ at least in one word people should know your area of strength, vigour and skill, you might be into a lot of things but there should be that one thing yo are known for, so write it down. 

9.  You must have a mentor

10. You must have learnt to say NO!

11. You should have conquered – Procrastination.

12. You must be free to use your own Mind, not being ruled and controlled, to be free from influence of parents, peer groups and the likes.

13. You Should have more than one bank account, to appropriately monitor your finance.

14. You should have had your own investment, business or least shares.

15. You should have a stable character (Self-control), not been influenced by emotions always.

16. Choose and decide your friends, don’t mingle with bad companies’ you should have discover the birds of your own feather and flock with them.

17. Learn professional living Etiquettes; the big things of life are hidden in simple little details commonly ignored.

18. You should be able to define Your Vision in One sentence.

19. You should have learnt and master the act of Driving – this is so vital.

20. You must have the financial ability to feed others, or at least someone.

21. You must have at least 2 sources of income for yourself.

22. You must be born again’ you can’t afford to continue to live your life in sin, lust and the filthy things of this world, you must be conform to the image and lifestyle of Christ, so that you will fulfill destiny on earth and still make heaven in the life beyond limits – eternity

I want to Be sure you must have learnt some new things?

kindly share with others and bless them.