Our God is a great God, and he wants us to exist on the earth, just like he is in heaven, the Blessings of Abraham was brought to us by Redemption through Jesus Christ the Lord.

We live in changing times and season, however the word of God as not changed and it stands forever, those who sees their future through the pages of the Scriptures ends up winning in Life.

Outstanding Victory and a life of great impact are not rocket science, they are all endless possibilities in God, to make us great on the earth, just as the bible says, ” And hast made us unto our God kings and priests – Revelation 5:10 “.

I want you to know, that God delights in our prosperity and wealth, The Bible says ” Brethren, I wish above all things, that you mayest prosper and be in Good Health, even as your soul prospereth 3 John 1:2  “.

So from the Scriptures above, you can see that God takes pleasure in your wealth and prosperity? Your sound health and even your soul (Salvation).

Let’s look at another beautiful scriptures;

Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor my vindication; And let them say continually, “The LORD be magnified, Who delights in the prosperity of His servant” – Psalm 35:27 .

If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in Pleasures –  Job 36:11 .

So you can see that Prosperity and wealth is one of the endless possibilities that was given to us through Christ Jesus?

and when you are serving the interest of God’s kingdom, you are naturally eligible to be bless and to prosper.

That is exactly the experience of these men of God, the covenant of blessings rest upon them to the end that, their blessings and wealth as made them the talk of their world, the world is amaze at the level of God’s blessings and prosperity at work in their life.


NET WORTH – $1,200,000,000

Kenneth Copeland is an American televangelist and the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Kenneth Copeland stated that god told him that he needed to become a billionaire. He didn’t start rich but as he was walking in the covenant of Gods word he became prosperous.

Kenneth Copeland was investigated by the Senate in 2007 along side other ministers.

He owns two private jets, a Cessna 550 Citation Bravo and Cessna 750 Citation X. His first jet was known as the “preaching machine.”

It was also written that his jets has made layovers at Maui, Honolulu and Fuji, which were all  ministry trips and therefore qualified the jet to remain tax exempt.

Kenneth Copeland Home, a huge mansion worth over 6 million dollars with a landing strip included is tax exempted.



NET WORTH – $1,100,000,000 +

Edirk is right on level with the richest pastors in the world or even surpasses him.

 Edir is so wealthy that he actually owns his own bank.

He also has an estimated net worth of 1.1 Billion dollars. 


NET WORTH – $150,000,000 +

David Oyedepo is die-hard lover of Cod and it is really showing in his life, he is  listed by Forbes as having a net worth of over 150 Million dollars.  he also has 2 mansions and 4 private jets. This pastor is so wealthy that he has his own fleet of jets.

he preaches prosperity and it is also showing in the lives of his church members.

He is the founder and president of Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel. the ministry also own a publishing house called the Dominion Publishing House.



NET WORTH – $100,000,000 +

Creflo Dollar is the senior Pastor of World Changers Church.

He is reported by The Richest as having a meager net worth of about 27 Million dollars. This is calculated mostly based on assets in his name. Two of these assets are homes. Creflo dollar has one home in Atlanta, worth 1 Million dollars, his other home in New Jersey is worth over 2 Million dollars.

The ministry also own a private jet an on its way to get another one for the progress of delivering God’s word to the world.



NET WORTH – $100,000,000 +

Reverend Peter Popoff, is an evangelist. He is a good teacher of the word.

At a time the devil wanted to take away all he has live job but God was faithful.

It was reported that in 1987 he filled for bankruptcy and before that time he was making over 4 Million dollars each year.

He made a comeback in in the late nineties and by 2005 he was making around 23 Million dollars a year. His mansion on 430 Long Canyon Road, in Bradbury California, is listed as a $41,000 tax liability.



NET WORTH – $100,000,000 +

Paul and Jan crouch are TBN preacher they are televangelist. They co founded TBN together with the crooks Tammy and Jim Bakker.



NET WORTH – $100,000,000 +

Robert Tilton might be the undisputed king of healing programs.

his ministry is based on healing an God has been helping him all the way

It is next to impossible to know exactly what his net worth total is because he’s been in the business so long. But it’s been reported that during the peak of his career he was making 80 Million dollars each year.


NET WORTH – $18,000,000 – $150,000,000 +

T D Jakes is realy a mighty man of God and he is the senior pastor of The Potters Church.

According to the Atlanta black star, Jakes is worth more than 18 Million dollars.

Just like Joyce, TD makes in a lot of money from books sales and speaking arrangements.




NET WORTH – $55,000,000 +

Joel Osteen is the senior pastor of Lake wood church and he is also called the smiling Preacher.

It was stated that he no longer collect salary from the Church but God is so wonderful; He has not stopped Blessing him.

Newsmax lists Joel’s net worth between 40 and 55 Million dollars depending on how book sales are included.

His current house in River Oak is about 10.5 Million dollars. His previous property which he still owns is valued at 4 Million dollars.



NET WORTH – $50,000,000 +

Chris Oyakilome is the founder and the president Believers Love World known as Christ Embassy.

He also has newspapers, magazines, a local television station, a record label, satellite TV, hotels and extensive real estate. he is also the author of the popular devotional Rphsody of Realities.



NET WORTH – $45,000,000 +

Benny is a spirit filled minister and he has healed and sent out demons from so many people by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God has blessed him beyond measures. when you are ever ready to serve God, He is ever ready to bless you.

According to The Richest Benny has a 4.5 Million dollar private jet and an $80,000 SUV, and $80,000 sports car, a $265,000 BMW, a 1 Million dollar annual salary, and a 10 Million dollar mansion. T



NET WORTH – $25,000,000 – ?

Joyce is a televangelist an author and a preacher. she has written so many books and has touched so many lives around the world.

When you look at Joyce past you would not believe that she’d be where she is today. God is ever Faithful and it pays to serve God.

According to The Richest, Joyce has a net worth of over 25 Million dollars.




NET WORTH – $11,000,000 – ?

Ed young is a preacher.

God has blessed him and according to Dallas News station, Ed Young enjoys all the standard assets of the wealth. He owns his own 8.5 Million dollar private jet,  1.5 Million dollar home, 1 Million dollar condo, 1 Million dollar salary, and $240,000 housing allowance.



NET WORTH – $10,000,000 – ?

These preachers are wonderful people and God has been doing Mighty things in their Ministry.

According to The Richest, Paula alone is worth over 5 Million dollars. it is Hard to tell what the combined net worth is.



NET WORTH – $5,000,000 +

John Hagee is a televangelist and he his messages are focused to Americans and how to bring them Back to a God’s own nation. stating so many things that they should stop doing and thing that they should do and those that they have stopped doing.

God has blessed him so much and his net worth of over 5 Million dollars.

God is faithful to his word always.