As the Body of Christ is becoming Stronger and stronger, so also the enemy i working to make sure, they are not doing well before their God so that, they will miss out of inheritance, there is nothing that fosters poverty and wretchedness like sin and most especially “Sexual Sins“.

So the enemy is not resting and we must also stay aware of his skims so that we won’t be a victim, there are many pastors today who are out of Ministry because they got into the hand of the wrong woman and the story was not a good ending.

It is a work that can be fully overcome by the Grace of God not the works or effort of men, for by strength shall no man prevail  1 Samuel 2 : 9 . But even as we solely depend on the grace of God to make this possible, we must also take heed to certain instructions, steps and strategic lifestyle to the end that, it will be the least thing that the enemy would use to get hold of us, when you live in the light of this reality and procedures, you can block the tendencies to 95% and be free.

1. Take Heed : The bible says, Let him that thinketh he stand, take heed lest he fails –  1 Corinthians 10 : 12. Don’t think, you are above temptation, especially Sexual temptation, you are not above it, that is exactly why you must be careful, take heed and be cautious of what you do and how you live your life daily.  Taking heed can also mean that you apply wisdom in everything that you are doing, there are certain steps that can lead and end up into this mess, you must ensure you take heed and never come into a place of taking such steps.

2. Don’t say It can’t happen to you : This Sin as to do with our feelings, emotions, body and lust, don’t bring pride into it, your Spirituality not withstanding, you need an higher grace to stand against sexual perversion. Been spiritual is not enough, you must seek help if you are on the verge of taking a decision that might lead into this destructive way of Life, for instance; as a Pastor, a lady as been coming for counselling daily with highly exposive cloths and wears that are seductive, then you have to take step against such continues coming so that it will save your ministerial responsibility .

3. Give Yourself to Praying : Brethren, it doesn’t matter what sought of mountain it can be that is confronting you every now and then, if only you will give yourself to continual praying, you are gonna come out victorious! Prayer is said to be the master key! You can always Disadvantage your enemy on the Altar of PrAYER! When you come to  a state of prayerlessness, when you find it really hard and difficult, just know that destruction is at the corner, you must learn to always give yourself to praying! The bible says – men ought always to pray, and not to faint; – Luke 18 : 1. Don’t ever fail in your daily prayer responsibility, when you are on fire for God, giving yourself to continual praying, there is no way the enemy will gain access into your Life and Ministry at all.

4. Be Addicted to the Word of God : Yeah! The Bible says, And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctifiedActs 20 : 32. So God’s word is powerful and it also grant men access into their inheritance, when you give yourself continually to the word of God, you are bound to experience victory on every side and destroy every scheme of the enemy, remember the other day after the longtime fast and retreat that Jesus had with the lord and the devil came to tempt, Jesus didn’t bother pray, he was just dealing with the Devil by the word of God that can never ever fail. Hallelujah! So we must get ourselves acquainted with the word of God.

5. Don’t engage in Unhealthy Relationship with Opposite Sex : Women are cunny, you can not be running away from them and you still decide to be their friend, especially in unhealthy relationship, you have to be careful. Many at times, women who seduces and sexually harass pastors are on a mission to get them disconnected from God and distract them so that they will fail and sometimes, eventually run out of ministry, so you have to be spiritually alert and awake, and take the warfare before the lord in Prayers, this is very important.

6. Let Your Wife Help you : This is a way out there, i am really not happy when i read in the news, how that married ministers of the Gospel are yet still failing into adultery and sexual sin, some times with their secretary, it is a disgusting thing, because you have a church audience looking up to, your wife and your family and up there also, you can not afford to let them down just like that, so you must engage your wife. Let her have access to your laptop, your movement, your concern’; after a long work day, make sure you discuss with your wife, any issue of concern that you felt might eventually get you off the track, prevention is better than cure. Let her visit you periodically in the office, make sure your wedding ring is always with you, this is very important. Been Married as a minister of God is a great advantage, there are some big ministries around the world that will never ordain you as a Pastor, no matter how anointed you are, except you are married. It is wisdom to get married, it helps a lot to rescue you from temptation.

7. Get Married : So, you can be using the Holy Fire to run away from Temptation everyday, but to be sincere with ourselves, you are not God. you are actually a “man of God”, the anointing not withstanding, you have emotional and sexual desire towards the opposite sex, so get married, i personally believe, when you are old enough to be fully involve in the ministry and calling of God, you are also indeed old enough to be married. So don’t be susceptible to the enemy’s devices, when you are a single pastor, you are vulnerable, as you are praying that God should help you stay undefile and still be on fire, also pray for the marriage to be hasten, the partner should show up and you can overcome that fear forever.

8. Be Transparent : This is where many men fails, why do you keep calling that lady only inside the toilet or in your garage where your wife is not present? Why do you keep spending such a long time on phone with another woman even though you are married already? Transparency is a major requirement, if you must overcome temptation and stay in Ministry. Let your YES be YES! and your NO be NO! Don’t be bias, be straight forward! Stop building up female friends alone, you will end up in their court, if care is not taken.

9. It is a Spiritual Warfare : Really, i have come to realize by experience that, you can not be involve in a practical move of God, and be falling into temptation, the reasons why men of God cheaply fall into the hand of strange women is because of the absence of the move of God, revival is the solution to this kind of little foxes, the spirit of God inside of you can always lead and direct you accordingly.

When you are a praying man, you are a fire man! You will always be on fire continually and the devil’s agenda and agents will not be able to get you, when ministers of God comes to a state whereby, studying the bible and praying is no longer constant, destruction is just at the corner. It is actually a spiritual warfare, there are women who have been sent out from the pit of hell on missions to get you down, but the warfare is determined by what you carry! John 6 : 63. Pray and desire God for a quicken of your spirit and the release of his revival and move of the spirit, when this is readily in place, the devil will be running away from you.

10. Use Wisdom : Now, Wisdom is very important here, the bible says, By wisdom a House is Built and by understanding, it is established! I remember the early days of Oral Robert, when he just enter into ministry, he was a fervent christian Pastor on fire for God, but it was mandated that time, that if you are a woman and you want to see him for counselling, you must bring a man alongside with you, as an opposite sex, you are not permitted to go and see him alone! This is what we call Wisdom! It is design to help rescue the situation that is on ground and also help get rid of vulnerability, there are certain people who are highly responsive to stimuli and a touch from the opposite sex can make them lose their mind, if you are in this category, i really hope you are going to use wisdom, so that you can last long in ministry.

As you live in the reality of the following steps and you duly observe them, i see God coming through for you and helping you to finish the race even to the very end in the mighty name of Jesus.

God Bless, kindly share with friends.