I was opportune to make a business visit to my land of birth and hood, Lagos State, last week and to be honest I saw so many changes along the Federal highway which I thought would be cool if I shared them and definitely individuals who have never navigated that highway would know some few things about the highway that connects the South-East to the South-West.

Below are top ten things in no special order you should know about the highway that connects Imo state and Lagos State.

1. In order to travel from Imo state to Lagos State by land, you have to drive through five(5) states which are Anambra, Delta, Edo, Ondo and Ogun states.

2. Anambra, Delta, Edo, Ondo and Lagos States have very good federal highway. I could literally count the number of little potholes in Edo state and Anambra state as I saw none in the rest of the above mentioned states.

3. There are over 20 mini bridges from Lagos to Imo and back.

4. There are Cattle Breeders/Fulani herdsmen in all of the states especially in Asaba, Delta State.

5. Anambra and Delta states have good landscape and palm trees, the highway cutting through their busiest cities Onitsha and Asaba respectively. They also share the Niger bridge.

6. Once you see yellow bags of garri and the top tied into the shape of a cone and palm oil in 5-10l plastic cans, just know you are in Edo state.
Please while coming to Imo state from Lagos, make sure you buy “Benin bread”. If you have an encounter with this bread, you will agree with me that Agege bread is still having “L” hanging on its neck.

7. Indigenes of Delta State sell yams, palm oil and bags of garri by the highway but unlike the Edos, their garri remains untied.

8. Ondo state is blessed with rocks, as in be it smooth or sharp edged rocks, a very beautiful landscape and enough trees. Very wonderful roads worth being the best of all states, very clean and clear markings on the road but no beautification of the roadside.

9. Ogun State has a lot of huge trees, bush meats and is the home of mortar and pestle. It has the worst road on the highway. There is a place in Ogun State where you can’t drive 2m without encountering a pothole.

10. Lasgidi has the busiest of the highway and once you come into Lagos State, there is a different smell altogether, a polluted smell to be precise.

So there you have it. Add yours if you’ve navigated that highway.