Marriage is beautiful, but like the bible says – “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding, it is established – Proverbs 24:3 ” You need to be equip with sufficient knowledge to make marriage work, it is way beyond prayers and fasting!

Knowledge is a major requirement, the bible says “My People perish because they lack knowledge – Hosea 4:6  ” not because they didn’t pray, but they lack knowledge and thereby perish!

I pray your life and marriage shall not perish in JESUS name!

In bid to rescue our dying world, we have had to go down searching for the root cause of human problem and they can be majorly track down to marital crisis, life was meant to be build on the foundation of a Good Family, a good family can never emerge unless there is a good marriage, a good relationship with the both party powers a great marital destiny, which at the end, influence the home, the family, the community church ad even the nation at large.

Every Terrible crisis around the world today, can be tracked down to a problem in marriage, or the fruits that grown up from a home with great bitter and challenges.

In This Article on Marriage, what am doing is to help you realize the terrible things that breaks home faster than the devil himself and how you can overcome them and secure your home, i really seek your attention right now.

How to Avoid Breaking your Home.. Secure your Marriage Now!

  1. Never Cheat Your Partner :  This is very important, you love her and you married her, is there is any issue between the both of you, settle it amicably, let the wisdom of God help you, do not cheat on your partner for any reason, if only they get to know you did, it is a faster way to light fire than using any petrol or gas, the feeling of sharing your body, which belongs to your partner with a strange woman/man makes them feel weird and crazy, which can end up making them take some decisions out of control and ruin your marriage at last. The feeling of guilt you will have, is too big a consequence than the few mins of pleasure in illicit relationship and sex, Marriage is built on the platform of Trust! You must prove to your partner that indeed you are trustworthy! To save your Marriage, your future, your reputation, you must never cheat on your partner.
  2. Never lie to Your Wife : It is wickedness to lie to your spouse, how do you even lie to the same person you have professed to love? Love is true, Love is tender and merciful…. If you truly love her! Then prove it with your sincerity, you can not be perfect, but you can be loving, no matter what the case maybe, you have to be sincere to your partner always, Remember Marriage is built on Trust! When you are always abiding in Truth, God will always make your family and marriage a successful one, how many miles can you cover with deceit ?
  3. Never get distracted while She’s talking to you : When You are with your wife and she is talking about very essential issues, that is not the time to begin to ping and respond to messages on facebook, whatsapp and so on, she is more important than any of those social media thing and even than anybody in your life. Give honor to whom it is due, it is another way of showing honor and respect to your Wife. Don’t take things lightly, they can cause serious havoc than you can ever imagine.
  4. Do not Point at Every of her Errors : Remember, you did not marry a saint, stop trying to look for perfection, She is not perfect! Love is actually taking her the way she is, even in her imperfection, you must always Love her! If you are such a partner that points to the mistakes of your partner always, you are killing your marriage bit by bit, the standard of marriage is that the Love should be on the increase daily, don’t ever slow down how much you love her! Ignore her errors and even when you are to correct her, correct in Love, not in aggressiveness or anger! MAY The Lord grant you wisdom and Understanding in Jesus name!
  5. Do Not Ignore, When you can Help her : Some men can be so T.V addicted that they ignore certain simple chores at home, she can not do it all alone, you must be responsible, don’t put every work on the shoulder of your partner, you must be responsible too, if you can help with the dishes, go and wash them, it does not reduce, it does affect your anointing as a Pastor, it does not  stop you from been the president of your Nation, always have it at the back of your mind, that at home level, you are an husband to your wife, not a governor! Always stay in humility so that, the fire of your Love can wax stronger and stronger together!
  6. Women are Talkactive, Stop trying to change that : Science as proven to us, that Women speaks 10,000 words daily while men speaks just 5,000 you can see the gap? So stop trying to change that fact! She’s a talkactive, she talks too much YES! That is normal its her nature, she is bound to be that way, so you must learn to adapt, she is married to you, you just have to pay attention.. Remember the last time, Adam left his Eve, the Devil went to talk to her and the result was hazardous! Don’t leave your wife, don’t ignore her, don’t ignore her conversation, so that somebody else will not secure her attention.
  7. Stop Comparing her with Other Women : You saw all the women in the world before you choose her, don’t start comparing her with other women, they are not your wife, she is! If you see anything good out there, don’t admire them, rather buy them for your wife too, This is the way to keep the relationship getting stronger always! See her in every beautiful dresses and get them for her, if you keep comparing her with other women, you will soon lose interest in her and you will be killing her self esteem as a woman, this is not what marriage should be!
  8. Help Take Care of The Children : You guys gave birth to the children together, they are the true prove of your fruitfulness, so why leave her do bath them, feed them, cloth them, talk to them and all that? You are no longer a single man, you are now a married man and not just that alone, you are now a father! You must be ready to take care of your children, they are all that you have gat!
  9. Don’t ever refuse her Food : This is a poison that kills women faster than anything! There is always a pleasurable feeling and excitement, when you make food available to the one you love ( especially, the one you cooked yourself,) that is how women feels, it is ridiculous and dangerous for you to now, say I am filled tonight, thanks, I have eaten in the restaurant while i was coming! No, this is wrong, restaurant was never made for married men, Stop patronizing the restaurant! Remember you now have a wife that is yours and cares about you daily! Let her food be your delight! When you are done eating, appreciate the good wife, tell her how much you enjoy the food and how delicious it was, nothing makes a woman more excited like this!
  10. Do Not Starve Her Sexually : Sex is one of the major experimental aspect of marriage, you can not afford to just roll a little up there and think its alright, No! It’s not, you must have a Give mentality toward Sex (Giving her satisfaction) not just a want/get mentality; it is important to give her proper orgasm ( two or three, four orgasms).                    One of the benefits of Sex in marriage is Joy and Satisfaction, you must ensure she is fulfilled! Because for a woman, it is both an Emotional and Physical Need, you must master all the styles to make your wife delight herself to stripe her clothes before you. There is no excuse for Sex in Marriage, your spirituality Not withstanding, you must have what it takes to satisfy your wife sexual need, if you really want you marriage to last longer.

I pray the Lord grant you wisdom and understanding to put into practice that which you have just learn from this article right now.

I wish you the best in your marriage and Family.

God bless you.