Three things are involved in getting a Good Job in Nigeria.

1. Connection (the easiest way).
The connection can be through man, or through a supreme being (based
on your believe). And we Christians believe in God, in Jesus as his
You can have God, but no man to connect you, and God may decide to
ignore you, to train you in hard times, and later to surprise you when
you have lost hope.
(That’s actually my story).

2. Good Academic Result and hard work

So many firms in Nigeria that pays well, always stick to minimum
requirement of Second class Upper before giving you an opportunity to
be interviewed. And if you have second class lower, you are on your
own. Except you have a man connection to that company, or divine
(Because there are staffs in Oil companies with second class lower and
even third class). But don’t be lazy as a student because of it.
Graces are not the same. Everyone’s luck is not the same.

3. Opportunities you got during NYSC and your NYSC location.

Now, let me talk more on number three above.

Many who knew this on time never moved on the street in search of jobs
after NYSC.

During your NYSC, your location of service matters a lot in your
employment. So, always strive to serve in the exact state you wish to
work. (That’s a Big secret). But I didn’t get this opportunity.

Now when you are posted to that state you wish to work and settle
down, use your three weeks in the camp very wisely.

Image result for NYSC
During mine, I used mine wisely, and I got opportunities, but the
location of my NYSC (being Kano) was what affected me at last.

Now, this is what to do at the camp, to secure your future job.

In every NYSC camp in Nigeria, All religious organizations are highly
connected to NYSC officials and job employers in that state (whether
Christian religion or Islamic religion). Both of them are connected.
So, according to your believe, don’t neglect the fellowship gatherings
of your religion.

Then, when you get to fellowship, don’t remain in the congregation.
Come out and display your gifts, whether in music or ministerially, or
in drama. You must have a gift within you.

When your gift is noticed, your are noted by your fellowship authority
as a material that must not be missed or neglected.

Then another secret. (For only those who read Professional Courses).
If you read Law, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry etc.
You are the easiest to get employment opportunity during NYSC if you
know this secret.
What’s the secret?

In every NYSC camp in Nigeria, there is always an organization that
brings students who read professional courses together. Don’t relax
and be a Miami market daily customer. Ask questions and discover where
your people are. Some of them operate silently, others publicly,
especially medical personals.

For medical personals. You will confirm that every NYSC camp in
Nigeria has a clinic. And guess what happens!!

Immediately you get to camp and register, they will silently announce
for all medical students, including nurses to come and identify with
that clinic. (But this awareness is made silently). So, you might miss
it, if you are not aware or observant).

After registering with the camp clinic, you will be given a temporal
I.D card as an NYSC medical care representative, and you will be
putting on lab coats each time you come to clinic.
And another good story is that, you won’t be punished by any soldier,
and you won’t join in the trainings. Rather you will be relaxing in
the clinic with your phones (always on light) and attending to sick
corpers. Because corpers must always fall sick. IS A MUST. (Because of
change of unfamiliar environment and activities).

Now, while working with the clinic, before you get that temporal I.D,
your names and full NYSC details will be taking by the authority in
charge of NYSC clinic.
( All this are done at the back of other corpers. It is never a public affair).

When working in that clinic, they will be observing your skills and
experience indirectly.

And that’s another secret.

So, don’t just go
there to charge phone alone. Display your medical skills. Someone is
noting it down secretly.

Then when your posting time is getting ready,
They will take the names of all those medical students, and submit for
review, along with your school academic performance and current
performance in the camp clinic.
Then, from all this they will post the best medical students to the
best hospitals in that state (which could be federal or state
And the rest medical students will also be posted to other remaining hospitals).

Now despite your discipline, if you are lucky to be posted to the kind
of firm you wish to work with in life, that is another big opportunity
(But I Never got this privilege).

If you are privileged to be posted as a Corper to the kind of firm you
wish to work with, for life; Apply this skills below;

1. Be very punctual at all time, never come late to work (is being noted).

  1. Don’t always seek to travel (it shows lack of interest).
  2. Don’t complain at your salary (even if is small) is a big test.
  3. Mind your words in your work place. Never talk bad of any staff or
    the company.
  4. Don’t be a loner. Socialize and make friends with all the staffs,
    (both big and small) including your fellow corpers in that company.
    (It shows – you are a good Team player).
  5. Always try to embrace challenges facing the company, and always try
    to contribute to the solution.
  6. Whenever you are chatting with your employer, show him/her that you
    are excited to serve there (despite how they are treating you
  7. Whenever you are given a break period to travel home, don’t over
    stay, and keep to their instructions and time giving you by your employer
    at all time.
  8. Be very honest in all things. Both in money, and especially in
    writing attendance. Avoid writing false attendance time. (Someone is
    watching you).
  9. Finally, when you have served for up to 6 months, create a nice CV
    (indicating when you will be through with your NYSC) and politely
    submit it to that your employer. Even if he tries discouraging you,
    sum up courage and encourage him to take it.
    That discouragement can be part of your test.

    Then above all, avoid sexual sins, it blocks favour. And always remain
    With all this instructions above.
    Immediately after your NYSC, you won’t ever carry files to towns in
    search of job.

Good luck.