Following the saga between Apostle Johnson Suleiman and Stephanie Otobo, shows from all indications, that the high level conspiracy coupled with sex scandal are meant to destroy the integrity of the pastor and silence his critical without concrete evidence and properly investigation

Without wasting time, below are the categories of people that are interested in the downfall of Apostle Johnson Suleiman

1. Enemies of Progress

These are people who will always do everything within their capacity to bring down those that are above them. They are usually filled with rage of jealousy and envy and will join hands to partake in bringing down those that they’re envious of, (whether the person is guilty of an offence or not) . These are the people looking forward to the downfall of Apostle Suleimam

2. Atheists

They are usually the first set of people that will surface each time a fresh allegation is leveled against ApostleJohnson Suleiman. Since they do not believe in the existence in God or anything related, they are usually available to ridicule members of God.

3. Sex Starved People

These are people who have no control over their joysticks and will always think all men are programmed the same way. They are always looking for ways to bring people into their league of promiscuity. These are the people who are not saints but want other people to be.

4. Those who are Hypocrites

Most of these people are regular patronizers of the brothel. These are people who can chase after a cockroach in as much as it’s wearing a skirt. They cannot take off their eyes when anything in skirt passes yet they want other men to do otherwise. They are usually one of those that make derogatory comments against Apostle Suleiman just to discredit him and jubilate over his downfall.

5. Attention Seekers

These are people who carry other people’s loads on their heads but will carry theirs on their hands. They are people that attend parties without being invited and will be fighting for beer and burnt fried rice. They will rather leave their own problems but are very much interested in solving that of other people. They put up irrelevant and bias updates on their social profile page just to feature in the matter. (E.g Falz, celebrities, etc)

6. Home Wreckers

It’s of no doubt that those behind the blackmail are those looking for ways to derail his home and his ministry. Many will agree with me (Tosyne2much) that these people can’t manage their lives appropriately let alone a family. Their hatred towards the Apostle is characterized enmity, childishness and foolishness.

7. Media Personnel/Bloggers

It’s very shameful that top Nigerian newspapers are even the mastermind behind these lies and exaggerated news flooding the whole place, which normally portray Stephanie Otobo as a innocent but Apostle Suleiman as a devil. This is to garner traffic and make their money.

8. Those who are Jobless

As we all know that joblessness is the root of all evil. Some use their joblessness judiciously by fighting and raining abusive words on anyone holding contrary opinions against theirs on social media, especially when it has to do with the story of Apostle Suleiman and Otobo. They are so concerned about Apostle Suileman’s downfall other than looking for jobs and better their own lives.

9. Those who are Ignorant

These are people who know nothing about what transpired between the man of God and the prostitute, but will join hands in wrong accusing the man of God just because they see other people doing so. They are always moving with crowds and are so judgemental even in face of false evidence.

10. Politicians (APC tyrants)

Those who are very logical in reasoning will know that this a political battle and a high level conspiracy which is meant to destroy the integrity of the pastor and silence his critics. A very sensible person will know that there some people who are financing and solidly behind Stephanie Otobo just to frustrate the man of God and destroy his ministry

I drop my pen at this juncture

Feel free to add yours

Original writer: Tosyne2much